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How Much Should You Budget For Marketing In 2021?

Posted November 18, 2020
13 minute read
We regularly update the following post with the latest information pertaining to Digital Marketing Budgets. Last update: November 2020 (note: this information has been updated to include adjustments resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, but further changes could be needed as the long-term impact become more clear.) This article provides information that can guide you about how to budget for marketing and where to invest your marketing dollars. Included in this article are:
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How to Set a Realistic Social Media Advertising Budget

Posted September 3, 2019
8 minute read
Originally published April 2017. Updated July 2018. Is your business struggling to achieve social media success? Is your company thinking about taking the plunge into social media advertising? Are you getting beat by competitors and looking for a new social media strategy? Companies across the world have had success advertising on social platforms, but others have fallen flat on their face.
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Which Social Media Sites Get The Most Engagement?

Posted July 6, 2018
4 minute read
Note: This post was originally published in June 2016, and updated in July 2018 to include industry benchmark data. Overall engagement trends among the top social platforms have remained relatively steady since the original article was published.  Two recent studies have revealed interesting trends in social media engagement, and it may impact how brands invest their social media time.
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Facebook Advertising Update in Wake of Data Privacy Issues

Posted April 19, 2018
1 minute read
You've no doubt heard about the controversy over Facebook's use of customer data. For marketers, Facebook has developed excellent targeting capabilities that can produce an impressive ROI. But if Facebook is in hot water over improper data handling, what does it mean for advertisers?   If you currently advertise on Facebook, or have considered trying it, we want to update you on how you may be impacted. 
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LinkedIn Matched Audiences: New Targeting Options for B2B Advertising [FB Live]

Posted May 26, 2017
1 minute read
Historically, LinkedIn advertising has lagged behind other digital ad platforms, like Facebook and Google, in terms of targeting capabilities. For that reason, we haven't recommended investing a lot of ad dollars or time in the social network. Until now. As of April 2017, LinkedIn is right back in the mix for B2B advertising. New targeting options offer some exciting opportunities to really narrow in on an audience and reach them with just the right message.  
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How To Create, Customize & Edit A Facebook Carousel Ad

Posted January 4, 2017
6 minute read
Just like other online advertising channels, freshness is critical to the success of Facebook advertising campaigns. If you only have one set of copy and one ad image, your campaign is sure to run out of steam quickly. One way to keep your campaigns fresh is to edit ad copy and images frequently. Another way is to use the Facebook Carousel feature, which allows you to display multiple graphics & copy within one ad. Not only is it a great way to keep your ads fresh and varied, it's also a great way to test what's working and what isn't.  So, what are you waiting for? Here's a step-by-step guide for creating, customizing and editing a Facebook Carousel Ad:
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5 Credit Union Digital Marketing Challenges

Posted August 6, 2016
7 minute read
We often hear from clients that the online marketing world is tough to navigate. They rely on us to provide guidance and clarity so they can make the best decisions for their credit union. The constant development of new technology and the rate at which marketing managers need to adopt new technologies can present a unique challenge, especially in more traditional marketing departments.
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Three Digital Tactics With High Failure Rates, And How To Avoid Them

Posted August 28, 2015
4 minute read
Last month I shared my thoughts on why organizations fail with digital marketing. Continuing this theme, the following post will discuss the digital marketing tactics most prone to failure, and why it is they fail.
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Instagram Advertising Coming Soon

Posted June 10, 2015
1 minute read
Instagram, the popular photo sharing network acquired by Facebook in 2012, has announced plans to open its feed to advertisers by winter 2015!
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Facebook Like Box Plugin Expiring June 23rd, 2015

Posted May 11, 2015
2 minute read
Facebook has recently announced that there are important changes coming for their social plugins, most notably the Like Box and Activity Feed. If you currently have a Like Box plugin on your site, as of June 23rd, 2015, you will need to update to the new Page Plugin instead. If you do not, the plugin will no longer work. There is no update for the Activity Feed, it simply needs to be removed for your site before June 23rd.
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