HubSpot for Manufacturers

Benefits of Integrating HubSpot 

HubSpot is the leading marketing automation platform for manufacturers. But when a company already has a complicated tech stack it is a daunting project to layer on HubSpot. 

That's where we come in. 

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1. Identify Priorities

HubSpot is powerful, but with its wide range of tools, it can be difficult for a manufacturer to know where to start, which tools to leverage, how to migrate data, integrate systems, and what order works best. We have the expertise to know what actions take priortity.

Mfg HubSpot Onboarding Process

2. Plan the Course

We assess your current situation and create a plan of action that minimizes the wasted time of trial and error and flattens the learning curve from going it alone. We involve the right players at the right time to get teams aligned on the platform.

Get Started and See Benefits of HubSpot

3. Get Rolling

Drawing on the experience gained from working with manufacturers we prioritize the foundational functions that have the most significant long-term impact for you. All to get your businesses rolling with HubSpot - and reaping the benefits soon after.

More than a Project Plan

We don’t simply give you a map and wish you farewell, when we onboard HubSpot you get:

  • Hands-on technical setup 
  • Reports and dashboards created
  • Branding and design alignment
  • Tracking enabled that delights marketers and executives
  • Contacts imported
  • Templates set up for landing pages and emails
  • HubSpot demonstrations and training your team on the new, easier methods to deliver remarkable customer experiences

Additional phases can be added to create custom reports & dashboards and help plan your marketing strategy and content development.

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Why Use WebStrategies to Onboard HubSpot?

We have a great relationship with HubSpot, but when it comes to manufacturers, WebStrategies has a process and proven track record to onboard faster, more thoroughly, and often for less investment. 

Let’s get your business onboarded so you can start leveraging the benefits right away. 

What are the benefits? A B2B client who recently onboarded HubSpot gained nearly 300 new leads in the first quarter. They addressed over 1,000 abandoned carts, and now they can send marketing emails tailored to a contact's preferences - and these messages have a 62% click-through rate.


Improve Marketing Automation and Reporting by Tracking Activity in HubSpot

  • Report on which marketing efforts are driving purchases, then optimize marketing tactics.Strategy
  • Use marketing automation to follow up with abandoned carts to increase completed transactions.
  • See the deal pipeline at a glance or contact level tracking
  • View applications and funded loan amounts by channel
  • Measure ROI from campaigns
  • Trigger email based on buyers' interests
  • Enable list segmentation
  • Gather feedback from contacts at the right moment (requires ServiceHub)

Work with Industry Leaders in HubSpot for Manufacturers

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