Manufacturer Case Study

AZ Faux

AZ Faux is a building materials supplier that caters to designers, architects, builders, and homeowners. In October 2020, they onboarded HubSpot Marketing Hub with the help of WebStrategies to improve their marketing automation tactics. They aim to generate new leads, cross-sell products, personalize messages, and recover revenue from abandoned carts. Their e-commerce website is built on BigCommerce, which integrates with HubSpot to provide a seamless experience to nurture relationships with buyers.


The integration of HubSpot and BigCommerce has enabled AZ Faux to leverage marketing automation tactics to create new leads and cross-sell products. A website contact form has been a powerful lead generator that has already created 297 new contacts in just three months. The integration also enables AZ Faux to communicate relevant messages with interested shoppers and provide opportunities to ask questions or schedule a consultation to foster a positive relationship built on trust.

When a client creates an account, whether when making a purchase or after submitting a contact form, they self-identify, choosing a group/customer segment. This information is passed either from BigCommerce or via a HubSpot workflow to the data record, which enables customized communication with them. Marketing emails are tailored to the recipient based on whether they are a designer, architect/builder, or homeowner. The style of communication between these groups is distinctly different, as are their needs. Assigning the correct group to each contact enables customized personalization and the ability to get the right message to the right person.

HubSpot marketing automation has enabled cross-sell promotions that have been recently added. Six months after the latest purchase, a workflow triggers a series of three emails, a few weeks apart, to promote additional products in another category. This is a new workflow that will be monitored to evaluate its effectiveness and modify it accordingly to maximize the return.

When a visitor initiates a purchase on the website but leaves before completing it, the HubSpot workflow triggers two reminder emails to the contact. The first email deploys one hour after the deal stage shows an abandoned transaction and a second email is automatically sent two days later. This workflow has been activated over 1,000 times since it was created. In the first quarter of 2023, it contributed to over $68,000 in revenue that would have otherwise been lost.

The tailored marketing emails to segmented groups have a 62% click-through rate and a 4% conversion rate. Additionally, HubSpot makes tracking marketing efforts easier with easy visuals that show the number of visitors generated by specific digital channels. The data in BigCommerce is tied together for useful analysis and reporting. In their report average order value by source, AZ Faux can see that the average order initiated from paid social and email marketing has a higher value, demonstrating to marketers where resources should be applied for the greatest ROI.

HubSpot B2B marketing reporting 1

HubSpot B2B marketing reporting 2


The integration of HubSpot and BigCommerce has helped AZ Faux to generate new leads, cross-sell products, tailor messages to the recipient’s interests, and recover revenue from abandoned carts. The marketing automation tactics have resulted in higher click-through and conversion rates, making it easier to track marketing efforts and achieve better ROI. These results demonstrate the effectiveness of using HubSpot for B2B and manufacturing marketers looking to improve their marketing automation strategies.

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Working with us, AZ Faux received


new contacts in three months.



abandoned carts follow-ups in Q1, contributed to $68,000 in revenue that would have otherwise been lost.


Marketing emails to segmented groups have a


click-through rate and


conversion rate.

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Since WebStrategies helped us integrate HubSpot with our e-commerce platform, we have seen significant growth in generating new leads, cross-selling products, and increasing revenue. The WebStrategies team has demonstrated its commitment to our success and has been an invaluable partner in our marketing automation strategy - we're extremely pleased with the results.

Vice President, AZ Faux