Persona Development for Inbound Marketing

Persona Development

Do you know your customers' hot buttons?
If not, you're missing out on
leads and sales opportunities.

Better communication. More sales. Higher retention.

Effective communication begins with understanding your customers. How do they prefer to communicate? What common characteristics do they share?

WebStrategies will uncover your customer value drivers so you can create more relevant messaging for your target customers. You’ll see that better communication means more leads and more sales.

Why You Need To Know Your Customers Better

Did you know that 80% of brands don’t know their customers beyond basic demographics?

There’s a clear competitive advantage for companies that choose to tailor communications for personified customers. Here’s how you can do just that:

Our Persona Development Process

Define Your Persona Goals
We’ll help identify what you need to learn about your customers. What does their average day look like? What motivates them as individuals? How do they seek out solutions?

Perform Customer Interviews And Surveys
Gain customer insights from effective data collection methods such as interviews, surveys, and user testing. We use established guidelines to ensure the results are reliable.

Gather Research and Analyze Data
Once the data is collected, our experienced analysts will identify trends, organize your customers into personas, and create your unique Persona Report.

Put Your Results Into Action
It’s time to get acquainted with your customers. Use your persona report and recommendations to develop tailored marketing messages to each of your personas and watch your leads and sales take off!

Reverse engineering your customers answers these questions:

Sales Leads

  • How your customers find information about your products and services
  • What motivates your customers to purchase your products/services
  • How your customers evaluate competing firms and what criteria they apply
  • What are your customers' main "value drivers" – the things most important to them
  • How your website stacks up vs. their "value drivers"

How it works – we will...

  • Invest time to know you, your business, and your sales objectives
  • Conduct research with your target market by interviewing your customers
  • Hire representatives of your target market to analyze how your website, and the websites of up to 2 competitors, align with your customers' "value drivers"
  • Assemble the data and present the conclusions to you

What you'll get:

  • Solid understanding of your customers' "value drivers"
  • Awareness of how your customers get information about firms like yours
  • Knowledge of how your customers evaluate competing offerings
  • Recommendations about how to improve your website
  • How your website stacks up vs. their "value drivers"

All of this is shared with you in an 8+ page report delivered to you with a presentation of information that will improve your sales and marketing performance.