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[Video] Running and Marketing a Business in Uncertain Times

Chris Leone Chris Leone Posted April 2, 2020 1 minute read

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increased level of anxiety and uncertainty throughout the business world, and it’s essential to re-examine how to manage your business, and how you market your..

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How Credit Unions Can Leverage Marketing Automation

Administrator Administrator Posted March 30, 2020 5 minute read

Automated marketing is the gift that keeps on giving to credit unions. 

Whether it is geared toward attracting new members, enrolling members in additional services, or simply educating them about..

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The Definitive Guide to Digital Marketing for Manufacturers

Administrator Administrator Posted March 26, 2020 7 minute read

As a manufacturing company, you want to build your brand and connect with your audience in a way that showcases you as an industry authority and helps them understand how you can serve them and..

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The Importance of Personas in Industrial Marketing

Administrator Administrator Posted March 18, 2020 3 minute read

The Importance of Personas in Industrial Marketing

In a digital world of personalized customer experience, knowing your audience is vital to a growing, thriving industrial brand.

Selling a product..

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Topics: Personas, B2B Marketing, Manufacturing

Examples Of Successful Manufacturing Marketing Strategies

Preston Kendig Preston Kendig Posted March 17, 2020 5 minute read

When it comes to marketing for manufacturing companies, there is no 'one size fits all' approach. Every manufacturing business is different, and all digital marketing strategies need to be..

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Topics: Manufacturing

How Much Credit Union Website Traffic Comes from Mobile Devices?

Carrie Dedrick Carrie Dedrick Posted March 12, 2020 2 minute read

The WebStrategies benchmark blog post series has covered a variety of site engagement metrics. So far we have taken a dive into how long users remain on credit union websites, how many users leave..

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Topics: Credit Union Marketing

How Facebook’s New Advertising Rules Affect Credit Union Marketing

Administrator Administrator Posted March 6, 2020 5 minute read

Love them or hate them, the guidelines of Facebook’s ad platform greatly impact the ways credit unions market their services. Every year in late September, this online tech giant will undergo..

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Topics: Facebook, Digital advertising, Credit Union Marketing

What is the Average Age of Visitors to Credit Union Websites?

Carrie Dedrick Carrie Dedrick Posted March 4, 2020 3 minute read

Many of our credit union clients tell us that they struggle with an aging membership base and want to attract younger members. This is a great goal to set, but first, does your credit union have a..

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Topics: Credit Union Marketing

Credit Union Marketing Automation Interview

Carrie Dedrick Carrie Dedrick Posted February 18, 2020 2 minute read

Why are Some Credit Unions Behind the Curve on Marketing Automation?

WebStrategies CEO Chris Leone and Director of Digital Marketing Phil Woods were recently guests on Mike Lawson’s CU Broadcast,..

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Topics: Marketing Automation, Credit Union Marketing, HubSpot for Credit Unions

How Much Should Manufacturers Budget for Marketing in 2020?

howard_deskin Howard Deskin Posted February 3, 2020 6 minute read

Originally published December 2017; updated January 2020 (note: this information has not been updated to include any adjustments resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic. We will update this data..

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Topics: Marketing budgets, Digital Marketing, Manufacturing

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