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Credit Union Marketing: Lead Tracking vs ROI Tracking

Alan Lucy Alan Lucy Posted August 7, 2020 5 minute read

Every credit union marketer loves to have as much high-quality lead tracking in place as possible. Understanding the pages and products that are driving the most new leads is essential to keeping..

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Topics: ROI, Reporting, Credit Union Marketing

The Most Important Marketing Metrics For Manufacturers To Measure

Administrator Administrator Posted July 31, 2020 4 minute read

Tracking the results of marketing spending is an area that many manufacturing companies struggle with.

Failure to do so makes it hard for you to understand what's working, whether you are..

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Topics: Reporting, Manufacturing Marketing

What Are The Most Important Marketing Metrics For Credit Unions To Measure?

Administrator Administrator Posted July 30, 2020 3 minute read

For every investment your credit union makes into marketing, you should have some way to track performance. It’s important to have accurate marketing results data as this directly impacts what..

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Topics: Reporting, Credit Union Marketing

Capture Credit Union Leads With Step Zero Forms

Alan Lucy Alan Lucy Posted July 24, 2020 3 minute read

For many different reasons, people start applications online and don’t finish the process. This is especially true with more people starting applications on mobile devices. Form abandonment is a..

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Topics: Reporting, Lead generation, Credit Union Marketing

Digital Spend to Surpass TV Spend in 2017, by 36% in 2020

Chris Leone Chris Leone Posted March 16, 2016 2 minute read

At a recent speaking event, I posed a question to the audience. I asked, “who here watches TV on their own time, like on Hulu or Netflix, as opposed to watching live TV on cable.”

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Topics: Digital advertising, Reporting, Digital Marketing, Data

How Does Income Level Affect Online Behavior in Central Virginia?

Chris Leone Chris Leone Posted February 8, 2016 5 minute read

The right marketing plan requires knowing your audience deeply. Marketing to younger, less affluent males is different than marketing to affluent, older females.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Reporting

Google Analytics Not Provided - What Is It?

Chris Leone Chris Leone Posted October 1, 2013 2 minute read

What Is Not Provided?

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Topics: SEO, Reporting, Google Analytics, Web Analytics, Online Marketing, Data

Measuring Success Online: The Multi-Channel Attribution Report

Chris Leone Chris Leone Posted September 18, 2013 4 minute read

I recently wrote about the importance of setting expectations. I explained why they’re so important, how they should be set, and how they can greatly influence our perception of success.

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Topics: Reporting, Google Analytics, Web Analytics

Measuring The Effectiveness of Online Marketing Channels

Chris Leone Chris Leone Posted August 30, 2013 4 minute read

In my previous article I showed several ways to measure the effectiveness of your site using web analytics. Now we want to apply those same lessons to our online marketing campaigns.

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Topics: Pay Per Click, SEO, Reporting, Web Analytics, Social Media, Digital Marketing

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