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The Top Digital Strategies For Credit Union Advertising

Posted November 20, 2020
8 minute read
Advertising has been around for a long time. In fact, the first paid advertisement was a Coca-Cola ad in a French newspaper in 1836. Today, there are boundless advertising strategies that credit unions and banks can learn from and leverage. But, what makes a truly effective advertising strategy?
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How Much Should You Budget For Marketing In 2021?

Posted November 18, 2020
13 minute read
We regularly update the following post with the latest information pertaining to Digital Marketing Budgets. Last update: November 2020 (note: this information has been updated to include adjustments resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, but further changes could be needed as the long-term impact become more clear.) This article provides information that can guide you about how to budget for marketing and where to invest your marketing dollars. Included in this article are:
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How Much Should Manufacturers Budget for Marketing in 2021?

Posted September 29, 2020
7 minute read
We regularly update this article with the latest information pertaining to marketing budgets for manufacturers. Last update: September 2020 (note: this information has been updated to include adjustments resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, but further changes could be made as the long-term impact become more clear.) We continue to provide advice about online marketing budgets in a variety of industries, and over the last several years we have been partnering with more manufacturing companies to help them generate leads and sales. Based on industry-provided research and our own experience, we’ve identified a realistic marketing budget calculation for manufacturing companies who are ready to more fully leverage the internet to generate business.
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Manufacturing Marketing Strategy: Getting Started with Digital Marketing

Posted March 9, 2020
6 minute read
Does Digital Marketing Really Work for Manufacturers? In the last few years, we have partnered with a wide variety of manufacturing companies in the USA to help them generate online leads and sales. The fact that we've been able to drive results through online channels may come as a surprise to many in the manufacturing industry. For the most part, the majority of manufacturing sales have been almost entirely relationship-driven. For that reason, there is often skepticism that a marketing agency could produce quality lead generation results using online marketing techniques. The truth is that we've been able to deliver amazing digital marketing results with a B2B manufacturing marketing strategy leading to millions of dollars worth of closed business for our clients. This article provides a little insight into how we do it.
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2020 Digital Marketing Budget Calculator

Posted January 20, 2020
1 minute read
Our digital marketing budget calculator has been updated for 2020 budget planning. Featured in HubSpot's article, 9 Handy Business Calculators That'll Make Your Life Easier, our free calculator incorporates the latest projections for marketing spending in 2020.
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What Is A Good Marketing ROI?

Posted October 14, 2019
7 minute read
Originally published September 2016. Updated Jan 2019 with lifetime value example. When you spend $1 on marketing, how much should you expect in return? That's what we'll answer in this post.  ///// When someone asks you, “is your marketing working,” what do you think they’re really asking? Are they asking if it’s generating awareness, generating foot traffic, or generating sales?
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[Video] 5 Ways Your Google Ads Are Wasting Money

Posted September 2, 2019
1 minute read
Are you stretching your Google ads budget as far as it can go? Small and medium sized businesses can't afford to throw away ad dollars trying to compete with large companies, and must be strategic with their advertising spending. In our recent broadcast, we covered some important things to look out for that could be burning through your campaign budgets. Making adjustments to these 5 things could save you thousands of dollars.
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[Video] Secondary Digital Advertising Platforms

Posted July 3, 2019
1 minute read
Most businesses are advertising on the few platforms that dominate the market, such as Google and Facebook, but are you missing out on cost-effective opportunities to reach your target market on some less popular platforms? Our last live show covered some less common, but often effective, digital advertising platforms, and when companies should consider incorporating them into their marketing strategy.
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[Video] Our Favorite DIY Digital Marketing Tools For 2019

Posted June 6, 2019
1 minute read
We spend a lot of time researching and trying out tools to improve the results of our clients' marketing efforts, to measure those results, and to simply make our time more productive.  Last year, our broadcast about our favorite DIY digital marketing tools was a big hit. Many small and medium sized businesses are looking for user-friendly and inexpensive solutions to make their marketing more effective, and we are happy to share what we've learned! Because the digital world moves so quickly, and we had many more to share, we decided to put out a new show with an updated list of tools to consider adding to your marketing technology stack.
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How long does it take to start seeing results from digital marketing?

Posted April 25, 2019
1 minute read
It's one of the most common questions businesses have when they consider investing in a digital marketing plan. Expecting instant results, or underestimating the ongoing commitment required to see a return on investment, are common misconceptions.  However, there are some tactics that can start to produce results quickly. So what's the answer?
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