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4 Ways Your Google Ads Are Wasting Money

Posted February 14, 2023
4 minute read
Originally posted on September 2, 2019, this post was refreshed to highlight ways businesses can save money on Google Ads. Are you stretching your Google ads budget as far as it can go? Small and medium-sized businesses can't afford to throw away ad dollars trying to compete with large companies and must be strategic with their advertising spending. In our 2019 broadcast, we covered some important things to look out for that could be burning through your campaign budgets. Making adjustments to these 3 things could save you thousands of dollars.
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Access Results from our 2022 Manufacturer Marketing Survey

Posted February 7, 2023
1 minute read
This is our first post-pandemic manufacturing survey and we are happy to see many aspects of marketing are returning to normal. As trade shows have re-emerged manufacturers are finding success in face-to-face connections and live demonstrations.
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The Top Digital Strategies For Credit Union Advertising

Posted January 17, 2023
7 minute read
Advertising has been around for a long time. In fact, the first paid advertisement was a Coca-Cola ad in a French newspaper in 1836. Today, there are boundless advertising strategies that credit unions and banks can learn from and leverage. But, what makes a truly effective advertising strategy?
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Digital Marketing for Manufacturers: Amplify Trade Show Results

Posted January 17, 2023
3 minute read
Trade shows are back and based on our experience at Pack Expo in October, we expect record numbers of attendees for 2023 equipment manufacturing events. Attendees are eager to see products in action and talk to experts whose products and services can streamline their industrial processes, improve their output, and reduce production expenses. Equipment manufacturers hosting exhibits say meaningful relationships are built when they can talk directly with buyers and clearly demonstrate the value they offer. While trade shows are energizing, you’ve likely experienced sensory overload with the creative ways exhibitors vie for attention. So as an exhibitor, even if you are in a large booth with a good location, interactive exhibits, and top-notch giveaways - how can you be sure you are reaching your best prospects? Digital marketing before and after the event will improve your connections at the show and extend your reach for months beyond.
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Credit Union Marketing Budgets When Facing Uncertainty

Posted November 17, 2022
3 minute read
Q4 is traditionally credit union marketing budget season, but in 2022 the uncertainty in the current U.S. economy and geopolitical setting adds extra complexity: Inflation. Rising interest rates. Lingering Covid. As economic decline is a concern, marketing managers are under tighter scrutiny to demonstrate credit union advertising spend is generating positive returns. The C-suite often reacts by cutting marketing budgets since few consumers are in the market for loans given the higher interest rates. But marketing remains a critical spend to stay competitive and accelerate out of the questionable economy. The Financial Brand observes that “The difference between budgetary surgery and unfocused slashing will depend on how well bank marketing chiefs can make their case to senior management.”
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How Much Should You Budget For Marketing In 2023?

Posted November 11, 2022
13 minute read
We regularly update the following post with the latest information pertaining to Digital Marketing Budgets. Last update: November 2022 
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How Much Should Manufacturers Budget for Marketing in 2023?

Posted November 3, 2022
8 minute read
We regularly update this article with the latest information pertaining to marketing budgets for manufacturers. Last update: November 2022 Based on industry-provided research and our own experience, we’ve identified a realistic marketing budget calculation for manufacturing companies who are ready to more fully leverage the internet to generate business.
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Mini Case Study: Manufacturing Content Marketing Using Lead Tracking

Posted October 19, 2022
6 minute read
B2B manufacturer marketing is not flashy because unlike B2C it is not about new trends and selling an irresistible product to people with disposable income. In B2B, there has to be a justifiable business need for someone to seek out products or services and since the investment is usually large, the buyer has no room for purchasing errors. That means the buyer needs a lot of clear, organized information that instills confidence that the product or service will work well in their process, integrate with the existing system, and solve their problem.
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Access Our 2022 Credit Union Marketing Survey Results

Posted October 10, 2022
2 minute read
The US regained a sense of normalcy in 2022, until inflation became the primary concern - causing interest rates to rise and the volume of loans to decline for the financial sector. In the ever-changing economy, it was more important than ever for WebStrategies to conduct the newest edition of our annual survey pinpointing how credit union marketing dollars are being spent and what digital tactics reflect the strongest return on investment. Our survey found marketers are still growing digital marketing efforts into 2023 but as in-person events are returning, marketing dollars are also increasing to offline channels such as events and sponsorships.
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Comparing Credit Union Member Demographics & Preferences

Posted June 24, 2022
3 minute read
According to the World Council of Credit Unions, the average age of credit union members in North America is 53. Since the overall median age of people in the U.S. is 38.5, credit union members are squarely on the older side of the population. To build a member base that will grow over the next several years and decades, attracting members under age 45 is the goal for most credit union marketers.
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