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Where did my IM networks go on

Administrator Administrator Posted March 3, 2014

If you are like me and have a list of friends, family and co-workers using multiple different instant messenger applications (Google Hangouts/Talk, Facebook Chat, Skype chat etc.) the recent move..

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Topics: Instant Messenging, Software, Blogging, Technical problems, Social Technologies, IMO

Website members create their own groups with JomSocial.

Administrator Administrator Posted May 21, 2010

David McKillen WebStrategies Inc.

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Topics: ning, jomsocial, Software, Social Media

Why Is My Site Loading So Slowly?

Administrator Administrator Posted May 13, 2010

I was looking around for a nifty way of examining load issues on clients sites. I wanted some way of quickly pin pointing which images/files were causing the issue (or the delay was even being..

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Topics: Web tools, slow, SEO, Software, pingdom, loading

How DotNetNuke Can Reduce Cost and Time to Market

Administrator Administrator Posted April 29, 2010
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Topics: Software, DotNetNukeX, sellers, mitchelX

Should I upgrade to Windows 7?

Administrator Administrator Posted February 22, 2010

David McKillen WebStrategies Inc.

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Topics: upgrade, Software, xp, vista

How to backup your Twitter, Facebook, Gmail etc.

Administrator Administrator Posted February 12, 2010

It’s been around for a little while now but yours truly just came across it and thought it deserved a mention. In this crazy world of social media it’s easy to forget that you are pumping a lot..

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Topics: Twitter, Facebook, Software, Data

IMO.IM integrates Skype, AIM, MSN etc.

Administrator Administrator Posted February 8, 2010

David McKillen WebStrategies Inc.

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Topics: Web tools, integrate, Software, msn, im, Technical problems, skype,, yahoo

New Microsoft Stores to Challenge Apple

Administrator Administrator Posted July 21, 2009

You know technically it's not my turn again to add a blog entry but I just got excited about this one and ... well couldn't help myself. Big news: Microsoft is finally doing what I have been saying..

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Topics: Software, Microsoft, Apple

What's next for Office -> Microsoft Office 2010

Administrator Administrator Posted July 17, 2009

So ... If you are wondering what fun features the next MS Office will have well then look no further! Here in a nutshell are the main 2010 changes of interest:

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Topics: Software, Microsoft

Windows 7 Release Candidate

Administrator Administrator Posted May 22, 2009

After the abysmal failure of Windows Vista in the business market, Microsoft is hoping to regain customer loyalties with the pending release of Windows 7.

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Topics: Software, Windows

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