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Where did my IM networks go on

Posted March 3, 2014
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If you are like me and have a list of friends, family and co-workers using multiple different instant messenger applications (Google Hangouts/Talk, Facebook Chat, Skype chat etc.) the recent move by to get rid of all external IM networks will mean you have to find a new solution. IMO at one time was the leader in IM aggregators but, alas, that will be no more within a few days from now. My rather tedious task now is to find a replacement aggregator that will do the trick. was my goto at one time, however it got gobbled up by Google and also is no more.

Where to start? To be frank I can't say I've found an answer yet but I thought I'd track my progress for anyone in the same boat - perhaps my efforts will help others too.

I've tried most of them Online, Desktop and iPhone wise and can't say I've found the perfect solution yet. The perfect solution for me would be to have an all encompassing web-based version that works for all the main networks across most all devices - perhaps a bit of a pipe dream I know. What I have found might just work for me albeit a bit of a hodge podge combination of multiple options.

Here is the solution I am currently trying, keeping in mind the 3 chat networks I need the most are GTalk, Skype and FB Chat:

1) Desktop (Windows 7): the downloadable version of Trillian (for an extra few bucks you can get things like saved history, which seems fair considering it would be nice if at least one of these aggregators was able to survive).

2) iPhone (you can likely replicate this on Android but I'm not 100% sure): For Skype I use the paid version of IM+, for Google Talk I use the Trillian App (the Trillian app doesn't seem to have Skype for some reason) and then for Facebook I just use their "Messenger" app.

I use the few different options listed simply because interface and usability are very important to me. Although there are several different options out there, I just never felt completely comfortable with the others. We will see how things go, I'll post an update here in a week or so if I discover anything better, or if I find this new setup I describe works.

By the way, 3 cheers for IMO for the great service they did provide while it lasted, I wish them the best of luck with their new endeavors.

Have you had any recent successes in this realm you would like to share?

[UPDATE] 3/19/14

I have upgraded Trillian to the Pro version for $20 a year. It works well for me overall. I had to move to the Beejive iPhone App for Google Talk which also works well for my needs.


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