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4 Reasons Credit Union Marketing Strategies Fail

Posted August 26, 2016
6 minute read
At this point, you've already experienced some digital marketing success and failure at your credit union. But, with all the hype around digital marketing, it's probably surprising when most campaigns fail to live up to expectations.
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What Is A Good Cost-Per-Click (CPC)?

Posted May 24, 2016
4 minute read
Social media and search platforms are changing the advertising game. In 2016, one-third of all advertising spend will go towards digital channels, and with over 80% of all digital marketing dollars going towards display ads and search advertising, understanding the proper metrics to execute an effective online advertising campaign is critical.
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Are you expecting long-term results from short-term tactics?

Posted November 3, 2015
3 minute read
There are certain digital marketing tactics that are ideal for generating quick, website traffic growth in the short-term, and certain tactics that will allow you to achieve more sustained, long-term results. Depending on your goals, both short-term and long-term digital marketing tactics can play a valuable role in your larger digital strategy. Below we discuss the advantages of each, as well as how they can be beneficial in developing your overall marketing strategy.
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Top Metrics for Online Paid Ad Campaigns

Posted October 9, 2015
5 minute read
Metrics Drive Decisions
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The Four Leading Causes of Digital Marketing Failure

Posted July 28, 2015
4 minute read
By now, most established businesses have experienced some digital marketing success and failure. Given all the hype around digital marketing, it comes as a surprise when most campaigns fail to live up to expectations.
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Is Your Digital Marketing Out of Date?

Posted April 22, 2015
4 minute read
Are you concerned your marketing strategy is stuck in the past? In a recent survey, over a quarter of marketers said keeping up to date with the latest marketing technology and trends was one of their most pressing business challenges. Do you fall into that bucket?
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Top Five Online Marketing Trends That Will Impact 2015

Posted December 22, 2014
3 minute read
The biggest challenge facing brands online is the ability to stand out from the crowd. Put simply, it’s become a very crowded and very competitive space. Winning online today is less about being the most technical savvy and more about understanding your customer journey. To maximize your chance for success in 2015, consider these five important trends.
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Planning For Holiday PPC Success

Posted September 24, 2014
2 minute read
The holidays are right around the corner and if you haven’t already done so now is the time to plan for PPC success.
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Evolving Into A Digital Powerhouse

Posted September 2, 2014
4 minute read
Author note: the article below was originally published on, a subsidiary of the Richmond Times Dispatch. I’m reposting my article on this blog with the intention of adding to the piece over time.
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Five Of The Biggest Challenges Facing Online Marketing

Posted January 30, 2014
10 minute read
We often hear from clients that the online marketing world is tough to navigate. They rely on us to provide guidance and clarity so they can make the best decisions for their business.
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