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Credit Union Marketing: Lead Tracking vs ROI Tracking

Alan Lucy Alan Lucy Posted August 7, 2020 5 minute read

Every credit union marketer loves to have as much high-quality lead tracking in place as possible. Understanding the pages and products that are driving the most new leads is essential to keeping..

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Topics: ROI, Reporting, Credit Union Marketing

Tracking Credit Union Marketing ROI With Meridianlink and Google Analytics

Alan Lucy Alan Lucy Posted June 4, 2020 3 minute read

One struggle that we commonly hear from credit union marketers is the inability to prove the ROI of their marketing efforts consistently.

While you may know that your hard work is producing..

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Topics: ROI, Credit Union Marketing

What Is A Good Marketing ROI?

Chris Leone Chris Leone Posted October 14, 2019 7 minute read

Originally published September 2016. Updated Jan 2019 with lifetime value example.

When you spend $1 on marketing, how much should you expect in return?

That's what we'll answer in this post. 


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Topics: ROI, Online Marketing, Digital Marketing

5 Credit Union Digital Marketing Challenges

Chris Leone Chris Leone Posted August 6, 2016 7 minute read

We often hear from clients that the online marketing world is tough to navigate. They rely on us to provide guidance and clarity so they can make the best decisions for their credit union.


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Topics: ROI, SEO, Mobile, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Credit Union Marketing

Online Marketing Survey – Summary of Results

Neal Lappe Neal Lappe Posted August 2, 2012 2 minute read


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Topics: ROI, Internet Marketing, Web Analytics, Online Marketing, Digital Marketing

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