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Evolving Into A Digital Powerhouse

Posted September 2, 2014
4 minute read
Author note: the article below was originally published on, a subsidiary of the Richmond Times Dispatch. I’m reposting my article on this blog with the intention of adding to the piece over time.
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Reputation Management - Using NPS to Measure Marketplace Sentiment

Posted September 30, 2013
2 minute read
A while back my team of some really awesome people got together to figure out what our "mission" in life was for our company. Sure, we're in the business of creating and developing successful online marketing plans for our clients but is that really the purpose of our business. So, I started to do some studying and research and came across my friend, Peter Drucker. Well, Peter and I don't have a personal relationship but I do respect him although he doesn't know me from Adam. Drucker states that the purpose of any business is to "create customers", and that struck a cord in me. After all, if a business doesn't have customers than it's not much of a business. And, if a business wants to grow and succeed, it needs to constantly "create new customers". All makes sense.
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Online Reputation Management – It Should be a Bigger Priority

Posted July 11, 2011
1 minute read
Companies are talking a lot about social media marketing and trying to figure out what to do. Many think having a Facebook page is the biggest priority. No doubt Facebook is important – after all 600 million users ain’t bad. But what many lose site of is their reputation online and what people are saying about them online. This IS social media and many call it Online Reputation Management (ORM).
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