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[Video] How a new website can derail your digital marketing

Posted May 22, 2018
1 minute read
Could a new website derail your digital marketing results? We've seen digital marketing results plummet when a new website is launched. Even if you have the most eye-catching, user friendly design and amazing content, you can destroy your website traffic if you haven't taken the right steps when transitioning to the new site. 
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[Free eBook] Is your B2B website an embarrassment to your sales team?

Posted June 24, 2015
3 minute read
We hear it all the time. The sales guys see the well designed websites that other companies have and are embarrassed to give prospects the link to their company website. It's outdated. It's archaic. And otherwise does not represent the company. The feeling is that if your site is dated looking, your products and solutions must be as well.
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6 things small business websites can do to improve leads and sales

Posted April 22, 2015
4 minute read
A report came out recently about how small & medium sized business (SMBs) owners intend to invest their digital marketing dollars in 2015. When asked which marketing channel they intend to increase investments, 49% said their websites, 6 percentage points ahead of any other digital marketing channel.
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Looking to Buy a Small Web Development Company

Posted January 23, 2015
WebStrategies Inc. is looking to acquire web development companies located in central VA. The firm values creative design and technical development capabilities, and seeks to enhance our capabilities in the web design/development area.
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5 More Website Development Mistakes to Avoid

Posted April 14, 2014
3 minute read
Today I opened the Richmond Times Dispatch (RTD) Monday Metro Business section and read an article titled “Website mistakes to avoid for small businesses”. It appears to have been picked up from an article in the Charlotte Observer.
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How to turn your website into a selling tool

Posted December 22, 2013
5 minute read
What makes a website an effective selling tool? Why do some websites perform well at generating leads while others don’t? There are many answers to these questions, and this article focuses on how the content in your website makes a difference.
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Website User Experience Testing - It Will Surprise You

Posted November 21, 2013
2 minute read
I've heard several instances where someone will say they've gotten compliments on their website. I'm not surprised. After all when someone asks you "what do you think about my website?", it's rare the person will say, "actually, I think it sucks". What people are often making positive comments about are the aesthetics, the colors, the design - but seldom are they making a comment about how effective the website is at achieving the firm's objectives and/or online conversions. Websites are developed every day - some are great, some are pretty and others are awful. The most important question to ask about your website is, "how effective is it for the user?" That's where user testing comes in, and this post provides some guidance on making sure your website really works for you.
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What should my minimum browser resolution be when building websites in 2012?

Posted December 29, 2011
2 minute read
At WebStrategies we tend to design websites with a 1024px resolution with an infinite background. Why? - because we want to try and ensure the lowest common denominator of users are able to view the site at the smallest resolution which happens to be 1024px for our sites. I thought it might be time to review these stats with the new year only a few days away to better understand what my minimum browser resolution should be when building our websites in 2012. I decided to examine our Google Analytics account and discovered something interesting - its seems we might not be out of the 1024px woods just yet.
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Joomla v WordPress v Drupal v ...

Posted June 1, 2011
2 minute read
I over heard a couple of guys chatting about the never ending battle of the Content Management Systems and thought I'd make a quick post. I wonder does it ultimately boil down to this, or is there more to it than meets the eye?
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Website Design – Is Beauty More than Skin-Deep?

Posted April 23, 2011
2 minute read
Money may not buy happiness, but beauty buys both money and happiness, says a study published online recently that gauged happiness and attractiveness among more than 25,000 people worldwide. This recent study was conducted about how beauty affects happiness and prosperity. This really caught my eye and after reading it, I was fascinated. The researchers concluded that “better-looking people generally earn more money and marry those who are better-looking and higher-earning.” They went on to report that “the top 15% of people ranked by looks are more than 10% happier than those ranked in the bottom 10%.” Remember, these are results from a study, not my personal opinion. Thank God because I'm clearly not the most attractive person around!
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