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Using HubSpot to Streamline Manufacturer Sales Operations

Posted December 9, 2022
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Does your manufacturing company rely on sales team activity to drive revenue? You’ve likely heard about HubSpot as a CRM but do you wonder if it can really add enough value to the sales process to justify the expense? You may already use Salesforce or another CRM so think there’s no need to use HubSpot as well. 

HubSpot flywheel showing attract, engage, delightBut you’ll want to look at all the ways HubSpot continues to engage prospects, keeps the sales team on track, and captures leads before they drop out of the funnel. As the leading marketing automation and inbound marketing tool, it keeps the flywheel spinning so new leads are generated, nurtured, and converted into customers. It integrates seamlessly with Salesforce so manufacturers can easily layer HubSpot onto the tech stack and keep data flowing between platforms and reap benefits from both.

Lead Generation for Manufacturers

As a prospective lead visits a manufacturer’s website built on HubSpot, several tools exist to engage the prospect and obtain their contact information. Chatbots and webforms are simple ways to obtain visitors' information that is then stored in the HubSpot database.

The entry triggers a series of tasks that nurture the lead in the effort to convert to a sale. For example, after a contact form is submitted, a workflow emails the responsible sales team member. A customized email response is sent automatically to the contact providing pertinent information and advising that someone will be in contact shortly. 

Manufacturer Sales Tracking

After the initial contact, a task is assigned in HubSpot to the designated salesperson for reminders to advance the lead through the pipeline. A record is created in HubSpot that allows the team to see what pages the person viewed on the website and any other activity taken within the tracked pages. Additional follow-up tasks are established to ensure the lead is attended to quickly. Emails and phone calls between team members and the contact are recorded within HubSpot to easily know exactly the status of the lead.

HubSpot sales lead automated email

HubSpot sales lead salesperson notification

HowardCalendarFor easy scheduling, HubSpot integrates with team member calendars so a link can be shared that allows the individual to easily book time on a calendar without the hassle of emailing back and forth about availability.

Sequences are tasks in HubSpot that ensure the lead is walked through the appropriate touch points with a steady communication of information and reminders of how the product or service can meet their needs. For example, after the initial phone call, resources can be sent to the prospect such as blog posts about their specific interests, case studies that demonstrate the value added, or testimonials from customers. 

Don't Let Leads Slip Through the Cracks

The lead will not drop off the sales team’s radar because tasks assigned to one person, such as a follow-up call, will be transferred to the designated team member if the original is out of the office long-term. All previous interactions will have been recorded in HubSpot so there’s no question about where in the pipeline the lead stands.

The reporting features within HubSpot allow managers to easily view the activity and outcomes of the sales efforts and modify processes for continuous improvement and efficiency. 

Manufacturing Marketing Agency to Onboard HubSpot

As a HubSpot Diamond partner, WebStrategies has deep experience onboarding the platform and implementing triggers, tasks, and workflows that exponentially improve an organization's effectiveness. Use the HubSpot ROI Calculator to download a report on the value it can add as a CRM for a manufacturing company.

Contact us to talk through ways HubSpot can level up your manufacturing marketing and sales. Even if you already use Salesforce or another CRM, HubSpot integrations can improve sales processes for maximum efficiency.


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