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[Webinar] Content Marketing Strategy for 2018

Posted January 17, 2018
1 minute read
Sure, your company has a content marketing strategy, but has it evolved as the digital landscape has changed? In our recent webinar, WebStrategies President Chris Leone shared the most important activities for developing a winning content strategy and the harsh realities that come along with it.
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[Report] Content Marketing for Manufacturers

Posted January 5, 2018
1 minute read
According to research by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), just 22% of manufacturers are mature content marketers. This means there are significant opportunities for manufacturing companies who do want to commit to advancing their content marketing strategy. In their recently released report, Manufacturing Content Marketing 2018: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America, the CMI found that 86% of manufacturing respondents were using content marketing, but only 38% describe their organization as very committed to it. 
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Digital Marketing Strategy for Security Alarm Companies

Posted November 24, 2017
6 minute read
We periodically update this article with the latest information relevant to digital marketing for security companies Last update: July 2017 Security Marketing Strategies We've learned a significant amount in the last few years generating leads and sales for our security alarm company clients. Some digital marketing tactics were extremely successful, and others, well let's just say, we've moved on from. One of our greatest learnings is that you have to constantly experiment, try new things, give them some time to gain momentum, religiously review the analytics and most importantly, talk to the client and determine whether their sales funnel is being filled with quality leads.
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Marketing Basics: What is Content Marketing?

Posted May 29, 2017
1 minute read
You know by now that content marketing plays a big role in your marketing success. Maybe you're already doing some, but you're not sure how to tell if it's working. Or you've been hesitant to move forward with content marketing because you don't know where to start. Where does the content go? What should it be about? And who is going to write it all??
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How To Optimize Your Content Promotion Strategy For The Age Of Bots

Posted May 16, 2017
7 minute read
You've been doing this content thing for a while now. You've even established a content promotion strategy to make sure people actually see what you're publishing. If you're like most marketers who are doing well with content publishing and promotion efforts, your strategy probably includes things like reaching out to industry influencers, guest blogging and maybe even a little social post boosting.
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How Much Should You Budget For Content Marketing?

Posted February 21, 2017
7 minute read
Back in 1996, Bill Gates published an essay called “Content Is King.” He predicted how important content would become over time. More than 20 years later, that prediction is being affirmed. Interest in content marketing is rising by leaps and bounds and it has become a focal point for nearly all marketers and businesses.
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What Is The Best Digital Marketing Formula?

Posted November 6, 2015
5 minute read
If you’re like most business owners and marketing managers, you wonder if you’re using the right marketing strategies and tactics. With marketing expenses representing around 8% of total revenue, investing in the wrong strategies is a costly mistake.
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Are you expecting long-term results from short-term tactics?

Posted November 3, 2015
3 minute read
There are certain digital marketing tactics that are ideal for generating quick, website traffic growth in the short-term, and certain tactics that will allow you to achieve more sustained, long-term results. Depending on your goals, both short-term and long-term digital marketing tactics can play a valuable role in your larger digital strategy. Below we discuss the advantages of each, as well as how they can be beneficial in developing your overall marketing strategy.
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How To Develop Customer Personas

Posted June 29, 2015
3 minute read
If you were to put a group of marketing managers and business owners in a room and ask who could clearly define their target customers, most would raise their hand (most probably think they’re above-average drivers, too).
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How To Craft a Content Strategy

Posted June 10, 2015
3 minute read
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