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How to Double Your Blog Traffic in 12 Months

Posted February 28, 2018
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We've issued a challenge to small and medium sized businesses for 2018: Double your blog traffic in the next 12 months.

It starts with a four stage process, at the heart of a successful content marketing strategy. Without following these steps, content marketing for your company can quickly become a waste of precious resources when your carefully crafted content isn't being seen by your target audience.

Writing successful blog postsWe recently hosted a four-part series on Facebook Live to explain each step of how to double your blog traffic. Below are are four episodes to watch anytime and kickstart a meaningful increase in your blog traffic. 

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Persona Development

Our first episode focused on persona development- researching and building concrete representations of your ideal customers.

Watch the video below to learn the how to develop your buyer personas, a critical first step in focusing your content development in the right direction.

WSL 2018 blog challenge .1 image

Selecting Blog Topics

Part two in our series covered how to select blog topics that create the most value for your target market, based on the persona development done in step one. Watch that video below.

 WSL 2018 blog challenge 2 image

Putting the Plan into Action

In part three we put your plan into action, writing the blog posts based on the research you've done. We show you some of the most important guidelines to follow in publishing successful blog posts that get noticed by your target audience.  

WSL 2018 blog challenge 1 image

The Secret Sauce

Part four brings it all together, highlighting the steps to take after you've published blogs—the secret sauce! A strategic approach to revisiting past content can mean the difference between your blog posts barely being seen, and ones that gain momentum and have a huge impact on your website traffic.

 WSL 2018 blog challenge image
If you've followed this process, we want to hear from you! Keep me updated on your progress, including successes and challenges along the way.

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