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Manufacturing Content Marketing: Repurposing Old Content

Posted September 9, 2020
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Manufacturing marketers often have access to a plethora of existing content, and there can be huge benefits to mining that content for marketing purposes. Whether it's a PDF or engineering rendering, sales brochures or other product information, this content can be repurposed, so it shows up in search results and helps your ideal client find your content and company easier.

Here's how you can effectively repurpose content and use it on your website.

Benefits of Repurposing Content

Repurposing content is a standard content marketing and advertising strategy because it has numerous benefits.

It's easier to scaleContent Marketing for Manufacturers

When you repurpose content, it's easier to scale your content efforts. Instead of starting from scratch with everything you do, you can utilize already existing content. This saves you time and maximizes each piece of content.

Experience SEO gains

You also experience more significant SEO gains.

SEO is search engine optimization, which helps your company's content organically rank higher on Google and other search engines. As more of your website content is searchable on Google, it becomes easier for your ideal audience to find you and connect with your brand. With better SEO ranking, you can spend less on paid advertising since you are being found organically.

Even if you have added PDF documents to your website, search engines generally can't index and read that content, so they won't help your SEO efforts in their current format.

Reach a wider audience

In repurposing your content, you often deliver it in different formats to different audiences that frequent different places.

This allows you to reach a wider audience.

Some might frequent your blog or YouTube channel. At the same time, others will be more inclined to watch a video before they read an article or PDF. By touching all of these points of access, you're able to increase your audience reach.

Content Marketing for Manufacturing: What Can Be Repurposed?

The types of content you can repurpose are many, and dependent entirely upon what you have available and the type of content you currently create.

Content is either evergreen or non-evergreen.

Evergreen content is applicable at any time, while non-evergreen content is seasonal or for a specific period.

You want to prioritize repurposing evergreen content because you don't have to worry about removing it or updating it much except to optimize it and make it better.

So when repurposing your evergreen content consider things such as PDFs, renderings, articles, case studies, etc. that are relevant to your audience now and will be well into the future.

How to Find Content for Repurposing

Finding content to repurpose is as simple as reviewing your PDF documents, sales brochures, case studies, and more that might not be shared in an ideal format on your website. 

Another angle to take to find content optimization and repurposing opportunities is to take a look at your traffic and keyword analytics from the past year or so. In looking at your analytics, you will focus on two categories of content.

  1. Is there content that was doing well but has started to lose traction in the past few months?
  2. Is there content that has not had much traffic in a while, but is still relevant to your audience?

Content that falls into the first category has proven to be valuable because it once had traction. By repurposing it, you can share the core message or information the content delivered to make it feel brand new to your audience.

Content that falls into the second category hasn't proven itself to be as valuable due to not having much traffic. However, knowing your business and your audience, you know it is helpful information, and repurposing it can bring it back to life.

Before You Start Repurposing

Once you find content to repurpose, you want to make sure that it passes this 3-point checklist

  • Is it up to date
  • Is it optimized for SEO
  • Is it relevant to your audience

If not, be sure to make changes to ensure that it has all of the information it needs to serve your audience best and support achieving your business goals.

How Content Can Be Repurposed

Now it's time to start repurposing your content. Your options for repurposing are endless on this front, but here are some practical and common ways to repurpose your content.

  • Create a new blog article for your website. Beyond a traditional blog, you can also create a guide surrounding a specific topic or a relevant case study that walks your audience through a transformation.
  • Design an infographic. Infographics are a great way to appeal to your audience's visual nature. You can condense a topic into an infographic to provide a quick overview of valuable information.
  • Refresh and republish content. Sometimes you just need to update your content and republish it. There is sometimes hesitation surrounding this, but keep in mind that most people in your audience won't remember everything you've ever released, so refreshing and republishing from time to time shouldn't be a problem.
  • Create an email campaign. You can take your content and use the copy for an email or summarize the content points and link to the original content. Either way, it's a great strategy to stay in contact with your email list while providing value.
  • Write an ebook. With enough content, you can turn your information into an ebook. Maybe a short piece of content will spark an idea for a book, or perhaps you have great content that can be reworked into a short book. Either way, presenting your content in the form of an ebook can be a valuable way to reach your audience.
  • Host a webinar. Finally, hosting a webinar allows you to repurpose your content into a video format. This works better than text for tutorials and how to's. You can even host a live webinar and record it so you can use it over and over. Your webinar options are endless.

Repurposing Content Works for Manufacturing Companies

When implementing content marketing for manufacturing companies, be sure to consider how you can repurpose your content. The benefits are endless, and when you focus on the use of evergreen content, you can find a plethora of ways to repurpose it in a manner that provides consistent value to your audience.

Want to learn more about how you can leverage content to drive relevant traffic to your website? Click the button below to read more about content marketing for manufacturing companies.

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