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WebStrategies exists to improve the personal success of our clients, grow their businesses, and turn them into raving fans. This is accomplished by providing strategy based, data-driven digital marketing services, advice and plans that convert online visitors into leads and sales for our clients.

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The Best Marketing Automation System for Credit Unions

Posted May 20, 2020
3 minute read
You can implement credit union marketing automation practices to generate more leads, be more efficient, and personalize your marketing to appeal to your current and future customers. When making decisions about marketing automation, you have to determine which system will help you best achieve your marketing goals. We recommend an advanced platform like Hubspot for our credit union clients; however, there are other options available as well.
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Marketing Automation is Not Reserved for Large Credit Unions

Posted May 5, 2020
4 minute read
Credit union marketing automation is a beneficial strategy for all credit unions regardless of size. Having it in place is no longer reserved for the larger credit unions, so whether you have one branch or ten, you can and should use automation for your marketing.
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Topics Marketing Automation, Credit Union Marketing, HubSpot for Credit Unions

How Credit Unions Can Leverage Marketing Automation

Posted March 30, 2020
5 minute read
Automated marketing is the gift that keeps on giving to credit unions. Whether it is geared toward attracting new members, enrolling members in additional services, or simply educating them about how to improve their finances, credit union marketing automation can help you boost your visibility, sales, membership numbers, and more.
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The Definitive Guide to Digital Marketing for Manufacturers

Posted March 26, 2020
7 minute read
As a manufacturing company, you want to build your brand and connect with your audience in a way that showcases you as an industry authority and helps them understand how you can serve them and why they should choose you. That’s why you must develop digital marketing systems that will help you do just that. When you have a solid plan in place, your return on investment can be greater than you could imagine.
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The Importance of Personas in Industrial Marketing

Posted March 18, 2020
3 minute read
The Importance of Personas in Industrial Marketing In a digital world of personalized customer experience, knowing your audience is vital to a growing, thriving industrial brand. Selling a product may be the most important part of your company’s profit margin, but understanding the individuals who investigate, research, and purchase from your company is the foundation.
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Topics Personas, B2B Marketing, Manufacturing Marketing

The Power Of Online Advertising For Manufacturers

Posted January 2, 2020
4 minute read
Online advertising for manufacturers is not necessarily a new development, although many manufacturing companies have been slow to dip their feet into the vast world that is digital marketing. With over 94% of B2B customers taking time to research before they purchase, it becomes imperative that manufacturers take advantage of the incredible increases in both sales and ROI that online search advertising can provide.
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Content Marketing for Manufacturers to Drive Leads

Posted December 26, 2019
5 minute read
Content marketing for manufacturers is not just a fashionable trend. Creating content is a real, tangible, and absolutely necessary aspect for all modern industries if they plan to be successful and continue to grow.
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6 Best Practices for PPC Advertising For Credit Unions

Posted November 28, 2017
6 minute read
At this point, most people who work in marketing or advertising for the credit union industry have heard of PPC or search advertising. But do you know what your potential customers think of it?
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WebStrategies Inc. & Impression Marketing Announce Merger

Posted October 26, 2016
2 minute read
For More Information: Neal Lappe, CEO, WebStrategies Inc. 804-314-4050, October 24, 2016
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Back to the Basics, III: Using Google Analytics Custom Reports

Posted September 16, 2013
4 minute read
By default, Google Analytics provides us with nearly 70 standard reports. Add in dashboards, intelligence alerts, and real time reporting and that number jumps closer to 80. 80! That's 80 different ways to slice and dice your website's data. But wait, there's more! Most reports will visualize your data multiple ways, including as a pie chart, word cloud, comparison chart, pivot table, and map overlay.
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