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The Power Of Online Advertising For Manufacturers

Posted January 2, 2020
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Online advertising for manufacturers is not necessarily a new development, although many manufacturing companies have been slow to dip their feet into the vast world that is digital marketing.

With over 94% of B2B customers taking time to research before they purchase, it becomes imperative that manufacturers take advantage of the incredible increases in both sales and ROI that online search advertising can provide.

Several unique tactics exist for the B2B market when it comes to online advertising for manufacturers, encapsulating a wide range of tools, systems, and management options.

Four Important Types Of Online Advertising For Manufacturers

Manufacturers tend to be skeptical of whether prospective customers will search for their products or services online, and whether these searchers will actually click on a paid advertisement instead of performing an organic search.

However, the statistics prove that online advertising, especially through Google search ads, really does work. 

As many as 70% of all online searches are done through Google, meaning than your business’ interactions with this search engine, in particular, is invaluable to your overall success. In fact, 64.4% of Google searches will result in an ad click when the customer is specifically looking for a targeted service or product. 

There are several types of digital search ads commonly used by manufacturers with varying degrees of success. Four of the most prevalent in recent trends include:

  1. Display Advertising such as banner ads, sidebars, and other images with text that can be found on websites all over Google.
  2. Social Media Advertisements with platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other relevant channels.
  3. Map and Location Ad Extensions that function by targeting the relative location of your customer to your business address.
  4. Google Paid Search Advertisements, which gives your website a chance to appear at the top of Google search results by ranking multiple competitors against each other using factors such as date, time, keyword relevancy, and price bid.

Of these four, there is a clear winner. Google paid search advertising is one of the most effective forms of digital online advertising for manufacturers available today.

Google Search ad for manufacturer

Why The Statistics About Online Advertising For Manufacturers Don’t Lie

Not only can Google search ads dramatically increase your general marketing success, but these targeted, specific, and powerful tools can skyrocket your expected ROI returns over a single year.

Using Google search ads is measurable, realistic, and ultimately a vital part of a B2B company’s online advertising strategy.

Google Display ads for manufacturers

The Power Of Targeted Online Advertising For Manufacturers In Niche Markets

The most important part of using digital search ads, especially on Google, involves targeting a small or clearly defined audience. Bigger is not always better, and mass-targeted Google advertisements will not necessarily bring larger profits to your business. 

According to a recent study completed by the digital information giant Nielsen Inc, nearly fifty percent of companies fail to reach their target audience with online advertising efforts. This includes Google search ads, PPC advertisements, and social media outreach.

The takeaway from this is simple, yet striking. The smaller a target audience becomes, the less money is wasted on advertisements that will never be seen by prospective customers. It’s important to remember that marketing your services to the wrong people at the wrong time may do more harm than good, so B2B companies should plan accordingly.

Online Advertising For Manufacturers With Niche Audience Techniques

Using a smaller target audience for Google advertisements leads to many prospect generation, retention, and profit opportunities, including:

  • Google search ads appear at the top or bottom of the page while browsing Google Play, Maps, Images, and of course the search engine itself.
  • Specific targeting that finds prospects already in the final stages of the buyer's journey, making your company a highly competitive option.
  • Discovering and measuring rapid results with increased web traffic, conversions, and more.

Tactical marketing is profitable marketing, which is why advertising tools such as Google are critical to the success of the B2B manufacturer.

Harnessing The Power Of Online Advertising For Manufacturers

As you might imagine, discussing the primary principles of sensational online advertising for manufacturers is quite a bit simpler than instituting them with both skill and success. When it comes time to begin establishing your digital advertising presence in earnest, be prepared to invest in a company whose primary interest is investing back into you.

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