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How To Create, Customize & Edit A Facebook Carousel Ad

brian-marsh Brian Marsh Posted January 4, 2017

Just like other online advertising channels, freshness is critical to the success of Facebook advertising campaigns. If you only have one set of copy and one ad image, your campaign is sure to run..

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Topics: Facebook, Social Media Marketing for B2B Sales, social networks, marketing, Social Media, Facebook advertising

Are QR Codes Still Relevant? (Were They Ever?)

Administrator Administrator Posted June 14, 2016

When QR codes first starting popping up everywhere, they seemed like a great idea. After all, smart phones were becoming more pervasive by the second and the little scan-able black and white boxes..

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Topics: Internet Marketing, marketing, Mobile Marketing

Track your Pipeline from Prospect to Close with HubSpot Deal Stages

Kristin Harrison Kristin Harrison Posted February 15, 2016


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Topics: Sales, Sales Techniques, marketing

How Businesses Can Use Twitter to Build Brands and Sell

Neal Lappe Neal Lappe Posted August 31, 2010

Whether your business sells to consumers or other businesses, Twitter represents a real marketing opportunity. This amazing communications platform has grown from non-existence to 125 million..

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Topics: Twitter, internet marketing richmond, marketing, Social Media

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