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Should You Consider HubSpot as a CRM for the Manufacturing Industry?

Posted February 28, 2023
2 minute read
HubSpot is a powerful CRM solution with three main "hubs" - Sales, Marketing, and Service. While these hubs work together seamlessly, they can also be integrated with other tools. For manufacturing businesses, HubSpot's Marketing Hub is an excellent marketing automation tool that can be easily integrated with other leading sales CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.
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How Do I Get my Sales Team to Buy into Using a CRM?

Posted February 16, 2023
3 minute read
I previously worked for a news agency with a large team of advertising salespeople of various tenures. The corporate office mandated the use of a customer relationship management tool (CRM) and not surprisingly, the seasoned members of the sales team resisted using it to track and measure their activity. People with decades of experience were suddenly expected to enter their hard-earned leads into a system that any of their peers could access. They'd heard that management wanted to measure and evaluate their activities with these leads. The team members expressed feeling that their value was being diminished and turning over that information made them feel "no longer necessary". What they weren’t told (not convincingly, at least) was that the CRM was actually going to help them by making their jobs easier and converting more leads to sales.
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Three Reasons HubSpot is the Leading CRM for Manufacturers

Posted December 31, 2022
3 minute read
As a B2B manufacturing company are your marketing, sales, and service functions integrated and automated? An effective CRM increases sales revenue because it:
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Using HubSpot to Streamline Manufacturer Sales Operations

Posted December 9, 2022
3 minute read
Does your manufacturing company rely on sales team activity to drive revenue? You’ve likely heard about HubSpot as a CRM but do you wonder if it can really add enough value to the sales process to justify the expense? You may already use Salesforce or another CRM so think there’s no need to use HubSpot as well.
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WebStrategies Takes on INBOUND 2022 – Our HubSpot Insights

Posted September 28, 2022
11 minute read
The theme of HubSpot's annual conference, INBOUND 2022, was "Connections". This was accurately named after the return of the first in-person INBOUND conference since 2019. After two years of an entirely virtual conference, HubSpot’s 2022 INBOUND conference offered an unmatched in-person experience in addition to a digital option for those who couldn’t make it to the land of HubSpot in Boston, Massachusetts.
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WebStrategies Reaches Diamond Tier as a HubSpot Solutions Partner

Posted June 16, 2022
2 minute read
Today, WebStrategies Inc. of Richmond, Va., announced that it has reached the Diamond tier of HubSpot’s Solutions Partner Program. HubSpot, a leading CRM platform for scaling companies, works hand-in-hand with partner experts to grow their businesses through inbound software, services, and support.
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WebStrategies Promoted to HubSpot Platinum Partner

Posted January 11, 2021
1 minute read
At WebStrategies, we are firm believers that businesses equipped with the most modern and innovative marketing technology, along with data-driven strategy, achieve the best results.
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How Hubspot Can Improve Credit Union Marketing Reporting

Posted June 17, 2020
4 minute read
When you’re in the market for a customer relationship management system that will support your credit union marketing efforts, HubSpot is often a top contender. Their in-depth data analytics can help you improve your credit union marketing by giving you the insight needed to make more informed marketing decisions. HubSpot tracks everything from email open rates to leads generated and more, so you’ll never miss out on this essential data.
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The Best Marketing Automation System for Credit Unions

Posted May 20, 2020
3 minute read
You can implement credit union marketing automation practices to generate more leads, be more efficient, and personalize your marketing to appeal to your current and future customers. When making decisions about marketing automation, you have to determine which system will help you best achieve your marketing goals. We recommend an advanced platform like Hubspot for our credit union clients; however, there are other options available as well.
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Aligning Google Analytics With Your Inbound Marketing

Posted January 24, 2016
6 minute read
Executing an effective inbound marketing requires three things: 1) patience, 2) commitment, and 3) good decision making. It could take months, or even years, to see a significant payoff from inbound marketing. This is where patience and commitment come into play. Good decision making is less straightforward. It requires a level of expertise to do the right things the right way. It also requires good data to make educated, informed decisions about what to do next. Our Guide To Measuring Inbound Marketing showed you how to measure your inbound marketing efforts across a variety of platforms. Now it's time to go deeper. Most marketing automation platforms provide only a modest level of web analytics. This is adequate for a high-level view of what’s taking place, but it’s not enough for extensive analysis. Google Analytics is considered the gold-standard in free web analytics platforms, and it should be used in conjunction with any inbound marketing campaign. While Google Analytics provides hundreds of different reports and metrics, only a few are essential to the modern day inbound marketer.
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