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Caroline Prettyman

Caroline Prettyman
Caroline was born and raised in Richmond, VA, and earned a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the VCU School of Business. She has over a decade of experience in digital marketing and is passionate about all things HubSpot from data management to content marketing and automation. Caroline’s proudest professional achievement to date was winning a HubSpot Impact Award for a client’s inbound marketing campaigns and outcomes that utilized HubSpot’s CRM, Marketing, and Sales Hubs. Prior to WebStrategies, Caroline has experience working in agency account management, HubSpot strategy, as well as digital marketing execution for a national nonprofit health organization. Her professional mission statement is to identify processes and communication that can be automated and create the digital infrastructure to support that automation thus making space for teams to focus on the human work that can’t (and shouldn’t) be replaced by automation for businesses to create better relationships with their prospects and customers.

Recent Posts

What Decisions Do You Need to Make About Your Data When Implementing HubSpot?

Posted June 18, 2024
3 minute read
Data is the lifeblood of a successful HubSpot implementation. The rich data HubSpot provides powers personalization, segmentation, and ROI tracking - essential for effective credit union marketing. But to get the most out of HubSpot, you need to make some key decisions about your data upfront. In this post, we'll explore the critical data decisions you need to make when implementing HubSpot at your credit union.
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Setting Up HubSpot for Credit Unions: 5 Crucial Steps for Success

Posted May 21, 2024
2 minute read
Implementing new software like HubSpot at your credit union can be a game-changer for your marketing efforts, but laying the groundwork for success is crucial. Preparation ensures your HubSpot implementation is smooth, efficient, and effective. In this post, we'll explore the steps you should take in the first 6 months to set your credit union up for success with HubSpot.
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Topics Hubspot, Credit Union Marketing, HubSpot for Credit Unions, Credit Union Marketing Benchmarks

WebStrategies Takes on INBOUND 2022 – Our HubSpot Insights

Posted September 28, 2022
11 minute read
The theme of HubSpot's annual conference, INBOUND 2022, was "Connections". This was accurately named after the return of the first in-person INBOUND conference since 2019. After two years of an entirely virtual conference, HubSpot’s 2022 INBOUND conference offered an unmatched in-person experience in addition to a digital option for those who couldn’t make it to the land of HubSpot in Boston, Massachusetts.
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