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Manufacturing Marketing Case Study

Posted November 25, 2020
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In general, manufacturers have been slower to embrace digital marketing compared to some of their B2B counterparts in other industries. As they do shift their marketing budgets gradually towards digital, they often see impressive results and are then eager to try more inbound marketing tactics.

When this manufacturing client began working with WebStrategies in 2016, they quickly realized the importance of developing a digital marketing strategy. In turn, they have broadened their opportunities to generate leads in very niche target markets and generated impressive results from their digital strategy.

Marketing for Manufacturing Companies

When they partnered with WebStrategies, this company’s website was outdated and needed to be optimized for a better user experience, and to attract their target audience and generate qualified leads.

A website redesign was one of the first projects we took on, with the goal of optimizing it to convey the value of their products and services to potential customers and assist in lead generation.

Once the redesign was complete, our sights were set on creating a marketing plan that would gradually increase traffic coming to their new website.

Increasing Qualified Website Traffic

Content Marketing is hands down one of the most effective manufacturing marketing strategies for increasing online visibility. And it was a major factor in helping to double the amount of traffic coming to the client’s new website.

Since the client provides multiple products and services across several industries, we had to get creative in our approach. The content marketing strategy that we implemented was broken into multiple pieces, each focused on a specific buyer persona and intended to build visibility for a particular area of this business.

Once the plan was laid out, we began creating content. This included new static pages, blog articles, and case studies that could rank highly in organic search results and appeal to the business’ ideal customer.

This strategy led to a dramatic increase in website traffic and quality leads from target markets that were previously not engaging with, or even aware of in many cases, this business.

See the ResultsNavy blue graph with a red arrow pointing upwards indicating growth

With website traffic doubled and time spent on site tripled, digital marketing has become a significant source of qualified leads for our client. Prospective customers originating from online sources have led to millions of dollars in closed business.

See the full manufacturer marketing case study here.

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