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Gerald Glickman

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The Maturity of the Tail

Posted January 20, 2010
2 minute read
Years ago, the internet was kind of this untapped void that we were all excited about. As industry, business, and culture have absorbed more and more of the internet into our daily life and processes, we have a better sense of what the internet might be able to do for us.
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Risk Tolerance: Proven Vs. Accountable Advertising

Posted December 7, 2009
1 minute read
Does not being able to measure your ROI for a given investment make other, more accountable advertising options the smarter choice? You would think so, but there is a reason why businesses have been investing in traditional methods of advertising for decades (and still do). Maybe it’s because it was the only thing available years ago, but in today’s world understanding your own personal tolerance for risk is the greater issue.
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