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HubSpot's New Pricing Model for 2024: What You Need to Know

Posted March 8, 2024
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On March 5, 2024, HubSpot rolled out significant updates to its pricing model that will affect how the platform is sold to new customers. Here's an overview of the key changes and what they mean for businesses using or considering HubSpot.

Seats-Based Pricing Across All Hubs and Tiers

The biggest change is that HubSpot is moving to a seats-based pricing model for all Hubs (Marketing, Sales, Service, CMS) and subscription tiers (Starter, Professional, Enterprise). This means pricing will now be based on the number and type of seats rather than just the features and number of contacts.

Core Seats for Users Who Need Edit Access

Under the new model, most HubSpot users will be assigned a "Core Seat.” Core Seats provide edit access to the purchased Hubs, HubSpot's AI features, and the CRM. 

Examples of Roles That Would Need a Core Seat Include:

  • CRM administrator editing and maintaining HubSpot data and properties
  • Marketing Manager creating marketing workflows or sending promotional emails
  • Developer creating templates, new modules, or updating the website
  • Content marketer creating and publishing blog posts

View-Only Seats at No Additional Cost

For users who only need visibility into the platform, HubSpot is introducing free, unlimited "View-Only Seats.” These provide access to reporting, dashboards, and marketing activities without edit capabilities. 

Examples of roles that would benefit from view-only seats could include:

  • Leadership viewing reporting
  • Leadership keeping track of marketing activities
  • Consultant auditing portal to provide insights or recommendations

Dedicated Seats for Sales and Service 

Sales reps and service agents who engage directly with customers will now have a dedicated "Sales and Service Seat.” This provides them with the Sales and Service Hub features needed for prospect and customer interactions like sequences, playbooks, ticket routing, and communications. Sales reps focused only on lead generation will just need a Core Seat.

Examples of roles that may require a sales or service seat would include:

  • Sales representatives enrolling prospects into sequences as well as scheduling meetings with prospects
  • Sales creating and updating sales playbooks
  • Sales manager setting up lead rotations and managing forecasting
  • Customer service supervisor managing ticket and conversation routing
  • Customer service representative communicating directly with customers via chat, email, or phone 

Partner Seats for Seamless Client Access

HubSpot partners can now get free "Partner Seats" which provide full access to client portals, including sales and service features. This allows partners to efficiently work with clients through HubSpot.

Are You an Existing HubSpot Customer?

These pricing changes only affect new HubSpot customers at this time. Starting later in 2024, existing customers will be migrated to the new model in phases, with advanced notice. 

Subscription costs will remain the same at the time of migration, with the possibility of a small migration-related increase of ≤5% at the first post-migration renewal, in addition to any increases from usage or discounts expiring. HubSpot will provide more details to customers ahead of their migration.

The shift to seats-based pricing is a significant one for HubSpot that provides more flexibility and scalability for growing companies. The addition of free View-Only and Partner Seats is also a welcome change. 

We're here to help you navigate this transition and optimize your use of HubSpot, so if you have any other questions about how this could affect you, please let us know. 

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