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Where did my IM networks go on

Administrator Administrator Posted March 3, 2014 2 minute read

If you are like me and have a list of friends, family and co-workers using multiple different instant messenger applications (Google Hangouts/Talk, Facebook Chat, Skype chat etc.) the recent move..

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How to remove the Reviews section from your Facebook Page

Administrator Administrator Posted October 7, 2013 2 minute read

2015 Update: If you're looking for ways to remove negative reviews from your Facebook page, prepare to be disappointed. Back when we originally published this article in 2013, you could easily..

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Can I have a Facebook Page instead of a website? ... Part 2

Administrator Administrator Posted October 8, 2012 3 minute read

The pro-using-a-Facebook-Page-instead argument:

The nice thing about Facebook is that the "social" part is integrated already into it's system. Afterall the very reason we post content online is to..

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Can I have a Facebook Page instead of a website? ... Part I

Administrator Administrator Posted October 5, 2012 4 minute read

It's an age old debate at this point and folks have differing opinions depending on their situation. Web developers might be inclined to immediately defend their continued employment backing the need..

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My website shows HTTP Error 503 Service unavailable -> The real solution.

Administrator Administrator Posted August 16, 2012 3 minute read

So at this point you have just about pulled all your hair out and are kind of getting a little nervous that the client is going to have problems with their site not being able to handle heavy..

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Can I sell my stuff on Facebook?

Administrator Administrator Posted July 21, 2012 1 minute read

Have an eCommerce site and are active on Facebook too? Why not combine the two?

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Don't read Wikipedia ... Listen and Watch!

Administrator Administrator Posted July 17, 2012 1 minute read

The beauty of the Internet is that not only does it provide a seemingly infinite fountain of knowledge, but it also provides and ever increasing number of way of digesting this information. Wikipedia..

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What should my minimum browser resolution be when building websites in 2012?

Administrator Administrator Posted December 29, 2011 2 minute read

At WebStrategies we tend to design websites with a 1024px resolution with an infinite background. Why? - because we want to try and ensure the lowest common denominator of users are able to view..

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Do more than just blog ... cast!

Administrator Administrator Posted November 30, 2011 1 minute read

Over the years blogging has become more than just a way of posting your favorite dog pics or family updates, it has evolved into something much more powerful. As a relatively novice blog writer..

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What’s the difference between a mobile website and a mobile app?

Administrator Administrator Posted August 24, 2011 1 minute read

What IS a Mobile website

A mobile website is a website specifically designed for mobile phones. The width and general graphical dimensions are optimized so that they fit perfectly on a small..

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