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Keyword Research - Expanding the Mindset

Administrator Administrator Posted February 17, 2012 2 minute read

In performing keyword research for a number of SEO projects, I have found that one of the important factors is to quickly get beyond any preconceptions of what the targeted keywords should be for a..

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Topics: Search engines, SEO, Local SEO

Do Excesses in Our Lives Apply to Internet Marketing?

Administrator Administrator Posted July 20, 2010 2 minute read

I stopped to get coffee this morning on my drive into town, and watched with fascination as another customer stood and poured packet after packet of sugar into his coffee. He was grabbing two and..

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Topics: SEO, Website Development, Email marketing

Registrars and Hosts Demystified

Administrator Administrator Posted May 10, 2010 2 minute read

Clients often are confused about the roles served by domain name registrars and website hosting providers. Both are necessary components in having a live website, and failing to keep active accounts..

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Topics: Web tools

Making use of BaseCamp Time Logs for Project Analysis

Administrator Administrator Posted April 5, 2010 4 minute read

We use BaseCamp from 37signals for general work time tracking, including project development. Over time there can be a large amount of data accumulated, and there is a nifty way it can be..

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Topics: Web tools, Website Development, Web Analytics

Easy Screen Capture

Administrator Administrator Posted January 11, 2010 1 minute read

So much of our work these days is conducted by remote that it is very useful to be able to capture an image from a computer screen, make annotations, then send it to a client or colleague. TechSmith..

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Topics: Web tools, Website Development, Client Relations

Increasing the Effectiveness of Email Marketing Campaigns

Administrator Administrator Posted August 9, 2009 2 minute read

Email marketing is a relatively low cost, high return on investment way for companies to get their messages to prospective and existing clients. While marketing budgets have been pared in 2009, the..

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Topics: Website Development, Email marketing

Off-site Blog Hosting

Administrator Administrator Posted May 16, 2009 1 minute read

Most people know that blogs are a great way to help users keep informed about topics of interest, and at the same time drive qualified traffic to the website. For this reason, search engines love..

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Topics: Blogging, Social Media

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