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Are you expecting long-term results from short-term tactics?

Administrator Administrator Posted November 3, 2015 3 minute read

There are certain digital marketing tactics that are ideal for generating quick, website traffic growth in the short-term, and certain tactics that will allow you to achieve more sustained,..

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Topics: Content marketing, Pay Per Click

Onsite Local SEO For Multi-Location Businesses

Administrator Administrator Posted July 30, 2015 2 minute read

Local SEO has two main parts: Onsite and offsite. If you own a multi-location business, the opportunity for local SEO is great, and onsite optimization is very straightforward. The first step to..

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Topics: Local SEO

Local Business Orders & Appointments Now Available Through Google My Business

Administrator Administrator Posted May 20, 2015 2 minute read

Local business orders & appointments such as food delivery, dinner reservations, and booking service appointments can now all be made via a business’ Google My Business page.

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Topics: Local SEO

Facebook Like Box Plugin Expiring June 23rd, 2015

Administrator Administrator Posted May 11, 2015 2 minute read

Facebook has recently announced that there are important changes coming for their social plugins, most notably the Like Box and Activity Feed. If you currently have a Like Box plugin on your site, as..

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Topics: Facebook, Social Media

The Content Marketing Framework

Administrator Administrator Posted March 11, 2015 2 minute read

Everyone is talking about the role of content marketing in 2015, but with an overwhelming amount of possibilities for content, where should you start? And how will you know if you’ve been..

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Topics: Content marketing

How to connect your YouTube channel to your Google My Business page

Administrator Administrator Posted February 24, 2015 2 minute read

Google’s local business directory changes so frequently that it’s difficult to keep track of the most recent iteration.

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Topics: Google

Three Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging For Your B2B Business

Administrator Administrator Posted January 20, 2015 1 minute read

If you own a B2B business, you’ve likely considered blogging as a way to bring new traffic to your site. Regularly blogging about topics that are important to your target market will not only bring..

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Topics: Content marketing, SEO, Blogging

How to Map Onsite Content According to Your Buyer's Journey

Administrator Administrator Posted December 19, 2014 2 minute read

What is the buyer’s journey? The term "buyer's journey" describes the research process that a lead, or potential buyer, goes through before becoming a customer. There are three distinct stages in..

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Topics: Content marketing

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