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VA Credit Union League Presentation: Marketing to Millennials and Gen Z

Posted September 14, 2018
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Credit Union Marketing Presentation

Chris Leone heads to the Virginia Credit Union League's 2018 East Coast Marketing & Business Development Conference next week to discuss how credit unions can more effectively reach the younger market.
On Thursday, September 27, Chris will share his presentation, "From Nintendo to Augmented Reality," focused on targeting millennials and gen Z. He will break down the online behaviors of millennials, where and how they spend their time, the different methods of targeting online, and the type of campaigns needed to win their attention.
He will then moderate a panel of Millennials and members of Gen Z, which promises to be an insightful look into what resonates with them online, and how they want to interact with their financial institution.
If you'll be attending the conference, we hope you'll join Chris' presentation, and introduce yourself while you're there.
If you haven't registered for the conference, there's still time! 
If you won't be attending but want to learn more about the best way for credit unions to market to millennials, you can watch our webinar, "Marketing to Millennials Online," anytime here.
Want to see what millennials really know about credit unions? It might be less than you think. Watch our video here.

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