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Credit Union Marketing: What do Millennials Know About Credit Unions?

Posted July 3, 2017
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We recently asked random millennials on a college campus whether they use a credit union, what they know about credit unions, and what was stopping them from joining one. Watch what they had to say.

What do Millennials Know About Credit Unions?

There are certainly compelling differences between credit unions and banks that appeal to millennials, but do they really know what those differences are in order to make an informed decision? Watch my interview with passersby on a college campus to see how well credit unions are understood among this valuable target market. 

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Credit Union Digital Marketing to Millennials

As you can see, there is a huge opportunity to educate younger generations about the advantages of credit unions. Basic education should be factored into every credit union marketing plan, and should be woven into content marketing from blogs to social media, emails, videos and more. The great news is the digital marketing makes it easier to reach the right audience, and speak to the millennial persona specifically with a message that resonates most with them. 

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