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[Free eBook] Is your B2B website an embarrassment to your sales team?

Anne Moss Rogers Anne Moss Rogers Posted June 24, 2015
We hear it all the time. The sales guys see the well designed websites that other companies have and are embarrassed to give prospects the link to their company website. It's outdated. It's.. Read More

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Looking to Buy a Small Web Development Company

Neal Lappe Neal Lappe Posted January 23, 2015

WebStrategies Inc. is looking to acquire web development companies located in central VA. The firm values creative design and technical development capabilities, and seeks to enhance our capabilities..

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5 More Website Development Mistakes to Avoid

Neal Lappe Neal Lappe Posted April 14, 2014

Today I opened the Richmond Times Dispatch (RTD) Monday Metro Business section and read an article titled “Website mistakes to avoid for small businesses”. It appears to have been picked up from an..

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Website User Experience Testing - It Will Surprise You

Neal Lappe Neal Lappe Posted November 21, 2013

I've heard several instances where someone will say they've gotten compliments on their website. I'm not surprised. After all when someone asks you "what do you think about my website?", it's rare..

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What should my minimum browser resolution be when building websites in 2012?

Administrator Administrator Posted December 29, 2011

At WebStrategies we tend to design websites with a 1024px resolution with an infinite background. Why? - because we want to try and ensure the lowest common denominator of users are able to view..

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Joomla v WordPress v Drupal v ...

Administrator Administrator Posted June 1, 2011

I over heard a couple of guys chatting about the never ending battle of the Content Management Systems and thought I'd make a quick post. I wonder does it ultimately boil down to this, or is there..

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Website Design – Is Beauty More than Skin-Deep?

Neal Lappe Neal Lappe Posted April 23, 2011

Money may not buy happiness, but beauty buys both money and happiness, says a study published online recently that gauged happiness and attractiveness among more than 25,000 people worldwide. This..

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A Tale of Two C’s (Conversions and Creativity)

Neal Lappe Neal Lappe Posted December 24, 2010

Having led the development of hundreds of websites, landing pages, online display ads and the like, I always find the challenge between creativity and achieving conversions to be one of the most..

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Exercise In Establishing An Effective Online Marketing Campaign

Chris Leone Chris Leone Posted November 13, 2010

Studies have shown that those who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. Maybe it's because something written down will nag at you more - keeping it top of mind. But also likely..

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Data Over Emotion – Apple’s Response To iPhone 4 Reports

Chris Leone Chris Leone Posted July 23, 2010

As a fan and user of Apple products, I closely followed the introduction and launch of the iPhone 4 as well as all the problems that ensued. These problems, which I'll get to in a second, became a..

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