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[Video] Improving Credit Union Advertising Results

Posted March 5, 2018
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Every dollar counts when it comes to credit union marketing budgets. Digital advertising can be very effective, but only if you're reaching the right audience with the right offers.

Many credit union marketers haven't quite cracked the code on how to use social media effectively, and we see dozens of searches each month on things like "how to use social media for credit unions" and "how much should credit unions spend on social media." Social media has become pay-to-play for businesses, but with the right targeting it is definitely worth playing.

In a recent webinar, we showed several creative ways credit unions can use segmentation to reach new and existing members through social media and Google advertising, while improving online ad performance.  

What does it cover?

  • How to reach new members online based on your current member demographics 
  • Cross-promoting products to existing members on Facebook and Google
  • Targeting online ads directly to those shopping for cars and homes
  • Cross-promoting products to existing members on your own website

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