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Good luck, Anne Moss.

Posted February 4, 2017
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If I’ve learned just one thing in my professional career, it’s that people are a business' most important asset. 
Bar none. 
The day any employee leaves WebStrategies is not a good day for me. Whether the choice is theirs or ours, I consider it a failure on my part. It's a failure to retain a good fit or not correctly identify a bad one from the start. 
Last week, Anne Moss spent her last day with WebStrategies. I won’t attempt to tell her story. She has already done that beautifully with this post (please take a moment to read it).
The normal feeling of loss was there. Anne Moss brings talents and experience that are not only unmatched in our company, but in our market. We are better and stronger with her. No question. 
But this is a loss I’m OK with, because her new mission is far more important than anything we do in the world of marketing. 
I have no doubt Anne Moss’ work will save at least one family from tragedy. One tragedy avoided, by every measure, is the most conservative estimate. And one tragedy avoided is an amazing accomplishment.
So while we lose a team member today, there’s more to be gained as a result. It’s undoubtedly a net positive.
The entire WebStrategies team wishes Anne Moss the best of luck. We’re rooting for you.
You can go here to donate to Anne Moss’ foundation. 
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