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Saying Goodbye

Posted January 31, 2017
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Not long ago, I sat with the whole newly merged WebStrategies group for the first time since our retreat in October 2016. I probably didn’t truly understand the breadth of the amazing resources we have in human capital until that day.

As we set aggressive goals for the future to force ourselves outside our comfort zones (my favorite space!), it was apparent how many good strategists and thought leaders we have in the combined new team.

How I’ve always wanted that!

I feel good that the clients we have brought to this party will be beneficiaries of this knowledgebase. After all, in a service industry, our people are our most important asset. 

I feel good that my employees now have an expanded team of resources to tap into and great benefits. I feel good that they can maintain flexible schedules so they have time for their families. I feel good that my former business partner and the leadership team are, quite frankly, excited and engaged.

I’ve been in digital marketing since 1995 when Google was a blinking cursor on a black screen. It had me at ‘hello’ and I knew this was the new direction to go in.

I followed it passionately with the gut feeling that this was where things were headed despite all my advertising colleagues telling me I was “selling out.”

For 19 years, I immersed myself in the digital world before merging with Howard Deskin, my amazing business partner, in 2010.

But after the trauma of losing my 20-year-old son, Charles to suicide, I never regained my passion for the business in the capacity I was in. And that’s not fair to our clients, my business partner, or my team.

Part of my heart will always be with the company I helped build. This merger was my dream just 2 years ago.

But as it turns out, it is not my purpose.

That purpose took decades to find me and the price tag was unbelievably high. Uncertainty has never been something I relish but mental illneess advocacy and suicide prevention is the direction I must go. Just like in 1995 when I knew the internet was the direction to go.

Mixed emotions come and go, especially when I am with the new team we have that is so energized and focused.

I will leave knowing this team is passionate and invested in where they work now. Never underestimate the value of enjoying what you do.

Following a new passion doesn’t mean I don’t grieve my exit. I do. 

A social media, advertising and content specialist, Anne Moss Rogers has focused her talents on digital marketing since 1995. Former co-owner of Impression Marketing, she has now shifted her focus to mental health advocacy.

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