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Case Study: Decreasing Cost Per Lead for an Equipment Manufacturer

Posted July 15, 2021
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Prior to partnering with WebStrategies in November of 2019, our client that manufactures robotic pallet/stretch wrapping machines was not using digital marketing to its greatest potential. They used pay-per-click advertising (PPC) with a budget of roughly $2,000-$2,500 per/month and produced some content here and there but lacked the time and resources to develop and follow an overarching strategy that would lead to consistent, measurable results. 

They sought a partner that could lead the way in digital, crafting a strategic plan that aligned with their business goals for growth. Enter WebStrategies.

The goals of the organization were straightforward, revolving around revenue growth, increased brand awareness, and greater local visibility. 

WebStrategies developed a multi-pronged digital marketing approach that included refining the way their Google Search campaigns were managed, implementing Google Display advertising, making technical updates to their website to improve performance, and consistent content marketing.


The business has seen steady improvement since beginning its partnership with WebStrategies. Since 2019, their average cost per lead generated by advertising has been reduced from $100+ to as low as $49 per/lead. Overall spend has been reduced significantly while simultaneously increasing the number of conversions. The company is on pace to outperform its online sales goal for 2021. 

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Our client had this to say: 

"Partnering with Webstrategies has transformed how we approach online marketing and website development. With the success we’ve seen working with them we believe more than ever that our online presence is key to building our business. We greatly appreciate the level of involvement that we have with them in making decisions and taking action that has resulted in strong performance and measurable return on investment. We have seen huge growth in our web leads that have resulted in closing large sales and adding new distributors."

- Michael Kroencke, Handle It Sales & Marketing

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Carrie Dedrick has over seven years of experience in the digital marketing space. A writer at heart, Carrie spent a significant portion of her career as an editor of a website with an audience of over 2 million people, responsible for copywriting, editing, content strategy, and organic social media. Though she started out at WebStrategies in 2019 as a client success manager, Carrie particularly enjoys her new role behind-the-scenes supporting marketing and sales initiatives through the inbound approach. A proud alumna of Bridgewater College, she earned her B.A. in Communication Studies and English in 2012.

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