Manufacturing Case Study

Material Handling Equipment Manufacturing Company

Founded in 1976, this company manufactures semi-automatic, automatic, and robotic pallet/stretch wrapping machines. They also produce guard rail and rack protector systems for warehouses across an assortment of industries. 

As the business expands beyond its current line of products and continues developing custom-engineered solutions for consumers’ specific applications, they are becoming better recognized on both an international and national scale.


Prior to partnering with WebStrategies in November of 2019, this manufacturer’s digital marketing strategy consisted of pay-per-click advertising (PPC) with a budget of roughly $2,000-$2,500 per/month. They also produced some content here and there but lacked an overarching strategy that would lead to consistent results. 

With limited visibility into the success of their advertising campaigns, and an internal team that lacked the time and resources to focus on digital marketing and content production, they sought a partner who could develop a strategy to produce a consistent, measurable impact on the business.

WebStrategies quickly identified the greatest areas of opportunity for them to generate better results and developed a complete digital marketing strategy with the business’ main goals in mind: 

  • 20% revenue growth in the first year (2020)
  • Increased brand awareness among end-users for their pallet wrapper product line
  • Greater local visibility in the markets of their three main distribution centers

This strategy has included refining the way their Google Search Campaigns were managed, implementing Google Display advertising, making technical updates to their website to improve performance, and creating a robust content marketing plan.

Those new content pieces have been designed to accomplish multiple goals:

  • Generate a higher volume of relevant traffic to the company’s website.
  • Provide a better online experience for end-users to find the exact information they need.
  • Convert more website visitors into qualified leads for the company’s sales team.

In 2020, this strategy expanded with the addition of a new website with ecommerce expansion, and additional advertising campaigns that have proven to be wildly successful.


With a greater emphasis on strategic content production and optimized advertising campaigns, the business has seen steady improvement since beginning its partnership with WebStrategies.

Since 2019, their average cost per lead generated by advertising has been reduced from $100+ to as low as $49 per/lead. Overall spend has been reduced significantly while simultaneously increasing the number of conversions. 

Organic traffic and lead generation is up as well. Targeted industry, blog and product pages have begun to positively impact organic traffic and conversions through their website.

While they fell short of their 2020 online sales goal due to the Coronavirus pandemic and supply chain issues, 2021 is shaping up differently. The foundation put in place through that challenging time is paying dividends now. Through April 2021, they have quoted a considerable amount of new business, far exceeding the same period last year and putting them on pace to meet or exceed their online sales goals for 2021.

"Partnering with WebStrategies has transformed how we approach online marketing and website development. With the success we’ve seen working with them we believe more than ever that our online presence is key to building our business. We greatly appreciate the level of involvement that we have with them in making decisions and taking action that has resulted in strong performance and measurable return on investment. We have seen huge growth in our web leads that have resulted in closing large sales and adding new distributors."

- Michael Kroencke, Handle It Sales & Marketing

Cost per lead from advertising

cut in half

compared to 2019



increase in organic traffic to website


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