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Security Marketing Case Study: Results for an Alarm Company

Posted January 14, 2016
2 minute read
Security Marketing Case Study Marketing Problem: We started working with a home and commercial security company ( in the mid-west in February 2014. They had a dated logo, an older outdated website that generated very little business, and little to no social media presence. They did very limited digital marketing other than running some Google pay-per-click ads where they were spending over $2,000 a month without consistent conversions.
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Driving More Traffic to Your Security Company Website

Posted June 2, 2015
4 minute read
When it comes to marketing any home services product, it’s important to keep the end goal in mind. Whether you’re talking about a plumbing company, HVAC, Security Company or any other home services business, recurring revenue from annual inspections, regular service and upgrades allow steady growth over time, but almost all live or die by the flow of new customers.
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