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5 Little Reminders that will make a Big Difference in your Sales

Posted August 3, 2016
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The success of a salesperson is dependent on a structured, repeatable process that yields appointments and closed deals.  We all know that weekly sales meetings are vital for reviewing performance, creating action items, and planning the week's activities.  However, the successful sales process is more than weekly sales meetings.  So here are some reminders for improving your process to keep you on track and position you for successfully implementing your proven strategies. 

1. Prospecting

Prospecting remains the most important and underutilized sales strategy.  Developing the discipline to identify, log, and contact prospects for an hour a day will add visibility in the marketplace and keep your pipeline full.  Early morning prospecting is a great motivational tool because it sets the tone for the remainder of the day.  Utilize your CRM, LinkedIn, and your personal network to identify and learn more about potential customers with whom you desire to cultivate a relationship.  Prospecting is not cold calling - It is learning more about potential customers and investigating how a business could benefit from your services.  

2.  Connecting with your Influencers

Some of the most important relationships you have are with those people who may never become your customers.  These influencers provide access, insight, and connections in the marketplace and cannot be neglected.  Connecting with influencers on a regular basis is vital for generating new referrals, enhancing your visibility, and nurturing connections.  When tending to the relationships with influencers, think long term; today's meetings lay the groundwork for tomorrow's clients.  Create a goal for meeting an influencer for lunch or coffee once a week and before you know it your presence and reputation will grow. 

3. Maintaining the Top 50 List of local Prospects

The digital age has made it possible for salespeople to widen the scope of their coverage area.  Many meetings are now virtual instead of face to face and it is easier to lose the personal touch.  Therefore, staying in touch with your local area prospect list is essential.  Invest the time and energy to schedule face to face meetings with local prospects.  Remember, customers buy what you believe, as much as what you sell and personal connection is key. 

4. Meeting Regularly with your Marketing Team

For some people, it is difficult to distinguish between sales and marketing - make sure you know the difference and seek alignment between sales and marketing to create an optimal sales force.  Often a marketing team gets frustrated with salespeople because of lack of inbound lead follow-up and salespeople get frustrated with the marketing team because the leads are not viable or ready for sales.  Having clear conversations with your marketing team about working in tandem for common goals will help them understand what kind of leads and information are effective. 

5.  Setting Attainable Goals

Goals are the cornerstone of performance for a sales professional.  Goals are set, examined, reported and evaluated throughout the year.  Set smarter goals.  Create intermediate goals that will help you achieve your close rate or financial benchmark.  Some realistic and attainable goals might be spending an hour a day prospecting, spending intentional time with influencers, meeting with the marketing team weekly, and scheduling a certain number of face-to-face meetings with local prospects.  Set specific goals to learn more about your industry, research your competitors and educate yourself on the marketplace. Achieving these goals will keep you motivated and be the basis for a winning strategy for your closing success. 

In summary, remember, a motivated seller is a successful seller.  Returning again and again to these five practices will help you avoid complacency, stay motivated and will make a difference in your performance. 

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