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Setting Better Goals - How to Create Them to Work for You

Posted August 26, 2020
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Setting goals is paramount for a salesperson's success. identifying a target in the beginning of the year, and monitoring your progress throughout creates an awareness that is necessary for the always on-the-go sales professional.  Performance-based goals, if set incorrectly, can be a hindrance and defeating if not attained.  The goal becomes demoralizing and threatens success. 

Recently, Serena Williams played in the finals of the French Open, in her quest to tie Steffi Graff for the most grand slam titles.  She didn't win.  Nor did she win the Australian or the US Open.  There has been a media storm surrounding her, focused around why she can't win in the finals, and if she will ever tie the record. The pressure has to be immense and this goal has become about everything but who she is as a player.  Her response?  Practice. Get Better. Stay focused.  She won Wimbledon last week, and fell to the court in relief.  A true champion. 

No matter how successful, a salesperson can always improve.  Setting the right goals, along with a purpose and a process, will help you achieve maximum results.  Here are some tips for "setting better goals" and to maintain a champion mindset. 

1.  Acquiring new skills

A large part of our professional success is achieved by learning new skills that make you a better salesperson.  Knowledge is power and the more you know, the better you are.  Write a list of your daily activities and narrow down the areas in which you need to improve.  Pick one area a month and practice until you are proficient.  Sales professionals love to share ideas and blueprints for success. Subscribe to Audible, listen to a book a month, and capture insights that help you improve.  Learning will only make you better. 

2.  Mastering Confidence

Confidence is key for any successful salesperson.  It can also be the hardest one to master.  Knowing who you are and how you bring value to your organization will only drive you further to success.  Keep a notebook and journal of your successes that you can reference during challenging times.  The life of a salesperson can be a constant yoyo, and learning to ride the ups and down will confidence will support your long-term success. 

3. Mastering new situations

If it scares you, say yes.  Live by that mantra, and mastering new situations will only help you grow.  Participate in everything that makes your nervous, until it doesn't anymore, and then move on to the next one.  Whether it be speaking engagements, presentations, proposals, or writing blogs, keep doing them over and over again until you are a master. 

According to psychologist, Don VandeWalle, salespeople who create the right goals set higher targets, work harder, plan better and achieve more.  Create a purpose and a process for setting your goals and stick to it.  You will end your sales year with higher results. 


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