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What is Your Wow Factor?

Posted January 30, 2017
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The Australian Open is the first Grand Slam tennis tournament of the season and this year the tournament has been extraordinary.  Four all time greats made it to the finals:  Serena vs Venus, and Federer vs Nadal. The greatest tennis player of all time, Serena Williams, is history in the making. Her older sister, Venus, 36 years old, in her first final since 2009.  Federer and Nadal, one of tennis’ greatest rivalries of all time, played in their 12th final.  Serena and Roger were the ultimate champions however, all four of them won.

Wow!  In spite of adversity, injuries and losses, these athletes are champions.  What does it take to be a champion salesperson? Persistence, Preparation, Development and Distinction.


Have you called a prospect time and time again, and you haven’t received a response? Most sales people make only three attempts to reach a prospect, however, studies show it can take up to 12 attempts to reach a prospect.  Persistence is the key.  


Research the company and the executive staff. Identify areas in which the company may need your help.  Look for a connection with employees. Champion athletes practice to prepare for competition, likewise prepare yourself for your meetings. Use support tools that you use backwards and forwards. Have a well developed presentation. .  


Each moment is a learning experience: prospect meetings: company meetings,  reading and webinars and other trainings.  Grow as a sales professional.  The more you learn the  more successful you will be.


Create your own Wow Factor. Creating your wow factor takes strength, discipline and determination.  Just like in tennis creating a wow factor involves discipline. Be your best self to create relationships, build rapport, act and speak as if the deal were done. Set yourself apart with creativity, knowledge, and fortitude.

Above all, be positive enthusiastic, focused and genuine.  You must be outstanding enough to be memorable. Serena, Venus, Federer and Nadal are all perfect examples of athletes that have distinguished themselves and are unforgettable.

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