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What are the Benefits of GA4 for Manufacturers?

Posted May 18, 2023
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Ready or not, GA4 is replacing UA platform in Google Analytics on July 1, 2023.

There are differences that will mean data about website performance is going to look different and be found in different locations than we’ve seen in the old UA. But, GA4 offers more complete information and gives B2B marketers a much more complete picture of digital data.

GA4 Benefits Digital Marketing for Manufacturers

  • GA4 for Manufacturers WebinarImproved measurement of cross-channel marketing campaigns by tracking users across multiple channels including website, e-commerce, mobile app and social channels. This enables measuring the effectiveness of cross-channel marketing campaigns to better understand the channels that drive conversions.
  • Attribution modeling is more accurate since GA4 gives more insights to customer behavior and you’ll be able to see the original source that drove a conversion instead of the traffic source of their engagement session. For example, if a prospect first enters your website from a LinkedIn ad and doesn’t make a purchase but joins the mailing list, then later returns using a link from an email promotion, the original visit from LinkedIn will be attributed for the conversion.
  • Data security is improved so you can collect and use data without compromising the privacy of your site visitors.
  • Reporting is more customizable with flexible reporting options to tailor reports to your needs. However, this may take some time to learn so make sure to spend time in GA4 prior to the conversion on July 1 in order to have reports ready to meet your data needs and expectations.
  • When the data set is large enough, AI will be used to provide predictive modeling to predict the behavior of future uses of your site, including purchase probability, churn probability, and predicted revenue. These metrics are available in the audience builder and Explorations portions of GA4.

Extra Consideration Needed

One factor to consider is that data in GA4 is limited to the last 14 months so if you need reporting for longer periods of time BigQuery is where data can be stored to query against for longer periods of time.

Manufacturing Marketing Strategy

Data tracking is vital to measuring marketing campaigns and knowing where your budget is most effective. A big part of that is knowing what channels drive conversions - so proficiency with GA4 will help marketers get answers quickly. WebStrategies is a manufacturing marketing company that can propel your digital strategy to increase revenue. Check out our marketing resources and contact us if you have questions about paid digital, manufacturing SEO, content marketing

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