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Web Analytics – Don’t Spend Money Without It

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Neal Lappe   by Neal Lappe November 25, 2009

We all know the beauty of internet marketing is that you can measure everything right? This is one of the reasons why the internet has become such a dominant marketing medium. And of course the opportunities to spend money doing PPC or other search marketing activities are endless. Unfortunately there are businesses out there spending their hard earned money and not getting any return from it. I ran into just one of those cases a few days ago.

A business owner I was talking with was complaining about spending money doing PPC marketing and not getting any business from it. I took a quick look at his website and quickly began to make some preliminary conclusions about why. His website wasn’t very good. So, we looked at his Google analytics data and found his bounce rate near 90%. Bounce rate is defined as the % of visitors that come to the site and see one page, and then leave the site. He had spent several hundreds of dollars in search marketing and at least 90% was wasted – with very little brand strengthening to boot.

Unfortunately there are endless businesses out there that have no clue about the power of Google Analytics, and how data can be used to improve your website design and internet marketing activities.



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