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Video Gone Wild

Posted June 26, 2009
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I read recently that people are uploading 20 hours of video to YouTube every minute. That's right - 20 hours every minute. Considering it is free, one must wonder how long YouTube's business model will survive...but that's not the point. What's really happening here is that video is the new method of delivering content on the internet. Those of us interested in driving revenue, serving the customer and creating effective internet marketing plans better pay attention to this trend. We're really not surprised when you think about it. Once TV sets began to populate our homes, the TV set became the preferred source for news and entertainment. And then this thing we call the internet came along a few years ago and it has consumed our time and attention. No surprise the two have come together.

Incorporating video into website design is becoming a competitive advantage. Firms that use video to deliver their message are viewed as being more up-to-date. Using video to explain how to use something or the reasons why one product or service is better than another can be extremely effective. Think about it - would you rather watch a 2 minute video about a product or service vs. 5 minutes reading 1,000 words of text? Most of us would choose the video. After all, more of us than ever are experiencing too little time in the day to get everything done. To view an example - go here.

Fortunately, video production has become much easier. We recently invested in a camera, lights, green-screen and other items to provide video creation services to our customers. We're not creating award winning videos or commercials that will be seen during the Super Bowl, but that's not what the customer needs. A good, short video (no more than 2 minutes) can be a very effective way to communicate important information and will give you a competitive edge.

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