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Twitter this ... Twitter that - what's all this jargon about anyway?

Posted May 22, 2009
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If you feel like you are getting old and out of touch with all these new Web gadgets and thingamajigs ... well join the club. It gets over whelming sometimes how quickly technology changes. One minute you are using Yahoo to search the "Internet" for "stuff", the next you are being asked why you don't have a Twitter account. It just seems like so much of this technology stuff ... the Web, Twitters, Facebooking ... is all just a flash in the pan, and that ultimately the good old methods of grabbing clients through word of mouth will line your small business wallet with green again. Unfortunately, it is a fact that NOT keeping up with technology in todays E-world could ultimately, if not end, critically affective your "Bricks-n-Mortar" business.

Believe it or not technologies like Twitter ARE the new word of mouth. New generations of buyers and clients consume these technologies like their lives depend on it. Just about everyone out there now is, at the very least, thinking about buying what I like to call a "Pocket-Puter". These PP's (iphones etc.) come with the Web readily available ... and so the world is fast becoming Web centric. There is no doubt the Web is our future whether we like it or not, from our fridge beeping at us while we walk down the isles of the super market, reminding us we need to buy milk, to the dog bowl Twittering at us that it needs a refill.

In some ways it is a little scary and depressing. It can be hard migrating our business practices. The good news though, is that if we DO decide to take a peak ... to embrace these new things, we begin to realize some very fun and interesting means of ensuring our businesses push on into the next few decades, not just surviving but thriving by use of these new Web based technologies.

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