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The ink is dry!

Posted December 6, 2016
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We’re going to go all rah-rah on you because the leadership is pumped. The team is pumped. You’d think we won the Super Bowl.

Nobody argued over nitpicky clauses.

Nobody got ruffled or stalked off in anger.  

Nobody faked their way through this initial transition phase by pasting a smile on their face when they wanted to present another point of view. 

It’s been very civil. 

We listened to objections and made changes where appropriate. 

We subtracted pride and ego from the merger process which helped things run more smoothly.

All of us are getting to know each other and with each passing day, we’re appreciating the talents of each other more. 

That’s not to say we’re naïve and all this will be perfect. Combining two companies is no easy task. Like a marriage, you keep working at it. 

What we’re finding is that this is an opportunity to rearrange to create more collaboration which inspires more innovative thinking. And that my friends, satiates people’s need to feel worthwhile and satisfies our client’s goals of getting leads online.  

It’s official now-- Impression Marketing and WebStrategies Inc is now one company called WebStrategies Inc!

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A social media, advertising and content specialist, Anne Moss Rogers has focused her talents on digital marketing since 1995. Former co-owner of Impression Marketing, she has now shifted her focus to mental health advocacy.

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