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The fascinating ways Richmonders use the internet and other media resources

Posted September 5, 2015
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Earlier this year WebStrategies conducted proprietary research focused around how consumers living in the Richmond, VA area interact with the internet and how they shop for products and services. The purpose of the survey was to gain a deeper understanding of how consumers use various media resources when they are shopping for products and services, and share this information with the local business community so they can better serve their customers.

The survey was conducted online through a national market research company, SSI, along with awareness in the local market through social media. Nearly 1,000 Richmonders weighed in on how they interact with the internet and other media sources when they are shopping for various products and services.


Some fascinating information emerged from the survey, and here are just a few excerpts…..

  • Nearly 80% of the population spends at least 3/hrs a day online compared to the next highest media source, TV, where fewer than 60% spend more than 3/hrs a day
  • Only 6% of the population uses the phonebook on a regular basis
  • The younger population, those less than 35 years old, rely more heavily on internet search than seeking referrals from their network
  • Less than 25% of consumers get the daily Richmond Times Dispatch newspaper
  • Only 6% of the population are exclusive DVR watchers
  • Nearly 50% of consumers click on paid search engine listings, including those who don’t really know they are advertisements
  • Instagram and Pinterest are tied for 2nd after Facebook as the most popular social media site
  • “Show me” and problem related search phrases are used at less than half the rate as a more traditional search phrase
  • 80% of consumers will do online research on a major purchase before going to the store to buy it
  • The younger population are more willing to click on paid search engine advertising than their older counterparts

If you participate in a local business organization and want to learn more about how the “locals” interact with the internet, contact Kristin Harrison at 804-200-4545, ext. 2.


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