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Security Company Marketing: Advanced Strategies

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howard_deskin   by Howard Deskin March 1, 2018

Advertising of the past involved reaching the widest audience possible, in hopes that some people in your target market would see your message.

Over time, the ability to target those audience segments most likely to buy from you became more sophisticated, and today's digital marketing makes precision targeting possible. 

If you're not taking advantage of the latest methods for targeting your marketing to your ideal customers, you're probably not maximizing your return on marketing investment or getting as many qualified leads as you could.

marketing_budget_targetI recently hosted a webinar on Hyper-Targeted Digital Marketing for Security Companies, covering game-changing targeting and personalization strategies that can help you reach the right people when they're in the market for your services, and communicate with them in a way they prefer.

You'll learn:

  1. Personalization strategies and why they have become so important
  2. How to develop buyer personas for your primary customers
  3. Seven ways to hyper-target digital advertising on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn & your website

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Howard Deskin is a former CPA with more than 30 years experience managing strategic business and technology initiatives. At WebStrategies, Howard spends his time doing what he does best: focusing on business growth opportunities for clients, helping them increase both revenues and profits.


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