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Security Marketing Case Study: Generating Website Leads

Posted September 22, 2016
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When an alarm company in Southern Illinois approached us about generating leads via the internet, we immediately knew the project was going to be a fun step outside our comfort zone. We’re just a bunch of East Coast city dwellers. How does one reach a rural and largely agricultural community? Are they even online?

The answer is yes, a resounding yes. Not only is this agricultural community online, they’re using iPhones, tablets, Facebook, and Google Search to find products and services, specifically those offered by this rurally-based security alarm company.

Here’s the story of how we used a few out-of-the-box approaches to connect with this unique target market and increase website leads by 109%.


  • Generate More Website Leads for a Rural Security Company
  • Reach and Engage a Unique Consumer Market


  • Identify & Define the Target Market
  • Build a Mobile Responsive Website
  • Google AdWords Campaign
  • Paid Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing & SEO

Results: First 6 months (July-Dec 2014) vs. the Most Recent 6 months (Mar-Aug 2016)

  • Increased Website Leads by 109%
  • Increased Target Geographic Area Website Traffic by 66%
  • Increased Overall Traffic to the Website by 325%

Here’s How We Did It!

We kept our strategies simple and cost effective to get this client the best possible ROI at the lowest possible cost. Security company marketing is one of our specialties, and we continue getting great results for our clients. Here’s a little insight into how our process works.

Learn How to Walk Before You Start Running

When we start a new client relationship, it’s a bit like dating in that there’s a ‘getting-to-know-you’ phase. For this particular client, we did a deep dive into their target market, came to fully understand their ideal customer, and built out detailed customer personas to help guide us through the rest of our marketing relationship.

Never Build a House on Sand

When it comes to digital marketing, think of your website as the foundation to everything you’re doing. A dysfunctional website will hamper your marketing efforts at every turn. That’s why we helped this client build a responsive website and set up various tracking tools like Google Analytics and phone call tracking.

Bringing in New Customers with Digital Marketing

With all the right tools in place and a profound understanding of this client’s unique target market, it was time to start implementing digital marketing strategies designed to reach and engage that market and hopefully bring in new customers.

Security Marketing Strategies

Social media marketing, Google AdWords, content marketing, and SEO are the four primary strategies we used. These approaches are nothing new. However, it’s the unique way we go about implementing these marketing strategies that makes our firm special.

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

At every stage in the process, we took steps to ensure our efforts would resonate with the target market of rural landowners and farmers. We’ve helped build out extensive content on the website specifically geared to this target. The paid social media ads we design often feature images of farmers and rural living. Google PPC Ads touch on issues like protecting livestock and securing outbuildings.

Content Marketing Is a Great Way to Reach and Engage a Unique Audience

The content we create hits on many security related topics, but we also make sure that some of the new content being created hits on rural-specific topics, such as preventing barn fires, protecting livestock with solar-powered video cameras, and other topics that we believe the target market will find useful.

What’s Working and What’s not?

There’s no single digital marketing strategy that’s working for this client. They’re all working, and all these efforts work in combination with one another. That’s the beauty of digital marketing. We work with our customers to identify path-to-conversion trends, but it’s also important to keep in mind that no two leads are ever going to have the exact same experience.

Our only concern is, are they going to be able to handle all the new business when we double their website leads again over the next 24 months?

The Takeaway

Every business has a unique target market, but the need for identifying and customizing your digital marketing efforts to delight YOUR specific ideal patron is a constant. If you’re looking for strategies to generate leads via a security company website, start by identifying your target market and go from there.

Our digital marketing agency works with an array of B2B and B2C businesses, but we’ve developed a specialty surrounding the service industry, specifically security companies.


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