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Maximizing HubSpot Value: Key Departments to Engage Early in Your Credit Union's Journey

Posted May 28, 2024
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When implementing HubSpot at your credit union, it's easy to think it is primarily a marketing tool.

But to truly maximize HubSpot's value, involving other departments early in the process is crucial. In this article, we'll explore which departments you should engage in and why their early involvement is so important.

1. IT Department

Your IT department is critical to the success of your HubSpot implementation. They will be instrumental in connecting systems, setting up data integrations, and ensuring data security.

Engage your IT team early, ideally before purchasing HubSpot. This gives them time to understand the technical requirements, plan the integration work, and raise potential issues or concerns.

2. Business Development / Sales Department

While HubSpot is often considered a marketing tool, it's equally powerful for business development and sales.

HubSpot's CRM functionality, deal tracking, and email automation can supercharge your sales team's efforts.

Involving the business development/sales department early allows them to provide input on the setup, ensures the system will meet their needs, and helps build enthusiasm for using HubSpot.

3. Leadership / C-Suite

Getting buy-in from your credit union's leadership is essential for a successful HubSpot implementation. When the C-suite understands the value of HubSpot, they're more likely to provide the necessary resources and support.

Schedule a demo with leadership early on to showcase HubSpot's potential impact.

Share case studies of how other credit unions have used HubSpot to drive results. When leadership is bought in, it sends a powerful message to the rest of the organization.

Hear how our credit union clients used HubSpot to gain support from both vertical and horizontal teams.


4. Service Department

If your credit union plans to use HubSpot's Service Hub, you must involve your service or call center department early.

HubSpot can dramatically improve the efficiency and personalization of your member service interactions.

But to do so effectively, you need input and buy-in from the team on the front lines. Involve service leaders in planning discussions to ensure HubSpot is set up to meet their needs.


5. Compliance Department 

Given the sensitive nature of the data credit unions handle, it is wise to involve your compliance department early in your HubSpot journey.

They can help ensure your HubSpot usage aligns with all relevant regulations and data protection standards. Proactively addressing compliance considerations can save significant headaches down the road.


The Benefits of Early Cross-Departmental Involvement

Involving these departments early in your HubSpot journey offers several key benefits:

  1. Prevents Delays: When other departments are aware of the HubSpot project and have had a chance to provide input, they're more likely to prioritize the work needed to support the implementation. This can prevent significant delays.
  2. Increases Adoption: When other departments feel bought into the HubSpot vision and see how it benefits them, they're more likely to embrace the tool once it's implemented. Early involvement builds excitement and ownership.

Improves Setup: Input from a variety of departments early on helps ensure HubSpot is set up in a way that truly meets the needs of the entire organization, not just the marketing team.

In conclusion, while it may be tempting to initially confine your HubSpot implementation to the marketing department, involving other key departments early can make a world of difference.

By engaging IT, business development/sales, leadership, service, and compliance early, you lay the groundwork for a HubSpot implementation that truly transforms your entire credit union.

How HubSpot CRM Connects Credit Union Departments


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