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How Voice Search Impacts Digital Marketing [Video]

Posted December 22, 2017
1 minute read

In our recent Facebook Live broadcast we discussed just how prevalent voice search has become, and why marketers need to pay attention.

When someone does a search on a web browser, multiple results will appear, and marketers have long worked to appear on page one in search results. When someone uses voice search though, they'll be given only one answer instead of a page listing several results. So if you're not number one, you're nothing to a growing number of consumers.

Chances are, a portion of your target audience uses voice search on their phone or through a device like Google Home or Amazon Echo. How can you adjust your SEO strategy so that you're positioned to be the one answer they'll hear?

Watch the broadcast below to hear: 

  • Voice search trends
  • Who uses voice search, and for what?
  • How it changes search
  • Demos
  • What you should do


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